Billy Baugham Specializes in Continuous Improvement Process Development and Implementation

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Billy Baugham Process Development and Implementation Billy Baugham Process Development and Implementation

Billy BaughamBilly Baugham has proven success in guiding business strategy, using lean methodologies to achieve regulatory compliance, and maximizing operational impact. For over 25 years, Mr. Baugham has established training programs, project development, and third-party engagement. Billy Baugham sheds light on Continuous Improvement Process strategies and expansion.

“Continuous Improvement Process can be applied to products, services, projects, programs, quality, and management. Continuous Improvement Process, or CIP, are implemented processes that are continuously weighed and evaluated, as well as tweaked or amended to make things run on a more efficient level.”

Billy Baugham continued, “Quality products or services are the main goals with various levels that are regularly evaluated to achieve superiority. These levels can be made up of strategies, performance, continuity, and satisfaction, to name a few.

“Essentially, Continuous Improvement Process is on a cyclical momentum that follows identifying needs, planning, and preparation, implementing changes, and reviewing for correction and enhanced modality transformations.”

For over two decades, Billy Baugham has been a thought leader in the aerospace and customer service industries. Mr. Baugham has presented and led critical discussions in over a dozen conferences for a Fortune 100 company. As a customer support engineering leader, he worked directly with Bell Helicopter and the US Army to develop a suite of technical publications for a new turbine powered helicopter. Further, he developed depot proposals valued at more than $30 million (US).

While at the same company, Mr. Baugham has worked in numerous quality, research and development, field service, and customer support management positions. His technical and personal interaction skill sets have allowed him to see opportunities and challenges from a unique perspective. The United States Coast Guard Air Station in Mobile, AL, recognized Billy Baugham for his excellence in field service support.

His experience includes not only aerospace but also that of contact centers and staffing firms. Billy Baugham’s success through dedication and determination has been recognized by every organization he has supported. While at a Phoenix-area staffing firm, Billy earned the distinguished President’s Award by bringing in the largest gross profit, in the shortest time frame, in the 50 year history of the organization. Billy Baugham has successfully implemented and managed multiple programs across different countries including; Italy, Pakistan, Egypt, and Jordan.