Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey Explains 4 Ways to Give & Love More This Year

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Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey

Every Christian knows the famous commandment to “love thy neighbor.” But, although you might try your best to follow the golden rule, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey says many of us could be doing more to spread God’s love. A renowned spiritual advisor, teacher, and author based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey’s ministry is one of healing, redemption, and empowerment. She urges her fellow Christians to step up in the new year by giving a little more of themselves in His name.
4 Ways to Be a Better Neighbor
Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey
Lend a Hand to Strangers

Whether you see someone struggling to carry their groceries to their doorstep or notice someone appears lost at a bus station, offer to lend a hand. Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey says that often, we are so caught up in our own busy lives that we fail to notice what’s happening around us. Or, we assume someone else will come to the rescue. In 2020, take the initiative to lend a hand. Small acts of kindness can make a big difference.


Of course, you can make an even bigger impact by volunteering. Volunteering can come in many forms, whether it’s teaching Sunday school or at a community center or sorting and packing food at a food bank. Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey encourages her congregation to dedicate at least a couple of hours a week to volunteering in your community.

Mission Trips

Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey says mission trips are one of the best ways to spread God’s word and love. An International Bishop, she has traversed the globe to spread the gospel and has learned as much as she has taught in these exchanges. While mission trips are often an activity for teens and young adults, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey says people of all ages can benefit from these experiences and it can even be a family affair.


Volunteering involves donating your time and energy, but you can also donate in other ways. The holiday season is a popular time to donate to charities, but organizations need help throughout the year. You can donate funds yourself or host a fundraiser with your church, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey suggests, for a cause that is close to your heart and community. You can also work the spirit of giving into your spring cleaning by donating gently-used items you no longer need.

More on Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey

Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey is a Certified International Conference Speaker, CEO of Destiny Enterprises, and founder and Sr. Pastor of Deliverance Tabernacle Ministries Intl. She invites all to walk with her to achieve self-awareness, faith, and fulfillment in God.

Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey has created a special 5-Fold Ministry which she delivers through her local church as well as international publications and speaking engagements. Just as Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey meets and uplifts people, wherever they are in life, she likewise travels to all corners of the globe to meet congregants on their home turf.

In addition to international speaking events, she shares her wisdom through print and broadcasts including The Power of Deliverance Broadcast, The A.W.A.K.E. Women’s Broadcast (Anointed Women Acclaimed For Kingdom Empowerment), and The Men on the Move Men’s Broadcast.

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