Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey Offers 3 Tips for a Christ-Centered 2020

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The new year is a special time for people around the world, a time of reflection, renewal, and rebirth. Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey, a respected Pittsburgh-based spiritual advisor, teacher, author, and church leader, asks people to take this opportunity to consider how they can live a more God-centered life. Here are her three tips for getting started in 2020. 


3 Tips to Be a Better Christian in 2020 


  1. Reflect
    New Year’s is an ideal opportunity to take an honest look at your life to examine how far you’ve come, where you are, and where you want to go. Whatever 2019 provided for you, whether good, bad, or a mixed bag, consider everything that happened and all that you learned. Give yourself credit for the challenges you overcame and think of how you could handle certain situations differently in the future. Thank God for all He has given you and be grateful for all of the joyous moments you experienced. 
  2. Set Goals
    New Year’s resolutions are all the buzz this time of year. But Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey says, rather than picking vague goals, like “get healthier” or “pray more,” you’ll do best if you set time-oriented, attainable goals and find a way to hold yourself accountable. For instance, if your goal is to build a better relationship with God, consider joining a Bible study group and committing to going to meetings, as well as church services, once a week. You can also ask your family to join you in prayers in the morning and before bed. You might also commit to volunteering with a faith-based organization. Keeping a journal of your journey, or sharing your goals with friends and family can help you stay on track. 
  3. Seek Guidance
    Finally, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey suggests seeking guidance. This may be from your church leader or other spiritual advisors in the community, your friends and family, or others you look up to. Of course, you can and should also seek guidance directly from God, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey says. God didn’t intend for people to go through life alone, and He is always there to help you through any challenge or tribulation. 


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Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey is a Certified International Conference Speaker, CEO of Destiny Enterprises, and founder and Sr. Pastor of Deliverance Tabernacle Ministries Intl. She invites all to walk with her to achieve self-awareness, faith, and fulfillment in God.  


Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey has created a special 5-Fold Ministry which she delivers through her local church as well as international publications and speaking engagements. Just as Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey meets and uplifts people, wherever they are in life, she likewise travels to all corners of the globe to meet congregants on their home turf. 


In addition to international speaking events, she shares her wisdom through print and broadcasts including The Power of Deliverance Broadcast, The A.W.A.K.E. Women’s Broadcast (Anointed Women Acclaimed For Kingdom Empowerment), and The Men on the Move Men’s Broadcast. 

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