Boxing Promoter Scott Hirsch Optimistic About Shannon Briggs in Bare Knuckle Fighting

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Scott Hirsch Scott Hirsch

Scott Hirsch pledges support for Shannon Briggs in the bare-knuckle fighting arena.

Famed boxing manager Scott Hirsch recently learned that one of his most notable clients, former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, plans to enter the world of bare-knuckle fighting in May of 2020 in Miami, Florida. As a longtime mentor and friend of the boxing great, Hirsch believes that Briggs still has what it takes to compete at elite levels and simply is not ready to walk away from fighting just yet.

“People seem to like bare knuckle fighting because of the explosive nature of the bouts,” said Hirsch in a recent interview, “and I believe that type of venue fits Briggs style perfectly.”

Shannon Briggs was largely undecided about the bare knuckle fighting world and has considered a boxing comeback for the past few years. Former heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez has repeatedly challenged Briggs with taunts of him being washed up and not at the level of other top bare knuckle fighters, which ultimately ignited a fire for Briggs to step back into the ring once again.

“I’ve worked closely with Shannon throughout his career and one thing I can tell you; he doesn’t back down from a challenge,” said Scott Hirsch. ” He wouldn’t be taking this fight if he didn’t feel like he could step in there and dominate.”

Scott Hirsch managed Shannon Briggs during the boxer’s rise to fame and win of the 2006 WBO world heavyweight championship. The Boxing Writers Association of America also nominated Scott Hirsch for the “Manager of the Year” title during the same year as Briggs’s win.

During his management of Briggs’s boxing career, Scott Hirsch also learned quite a lot about Shannon’s fighting spirit. Back in 2007, Briggs was scheduled to defend his championship title but was sidelined due to a serious illness. At the time, Hirsch shared that Briggs was born premature, stayed sick almost his whole childhood, always struggled with asthma and ultimately ended up homeless…all before he got into boxing.

“Shannon has been the ultimate underdog his entire life,” added Hirsch, “and it’s never slowed him down for a single second. No matter the odds, I would never underestimate Shannon with anything he puts his mind to…that’s how his opponents get knocked out!”

Scott Hirsch has been a lifelong fan of boxing thanks to his father and grandfather, both with deep ties to the boxing world as well. He can still recall watching his first fight where Muhammed Ali battled Chuck Wepner in a slugfest for the ages; it fueled his passion to become a boxer. As a professional fighter, Hirsch has two bouts to his resume- both first round knockouts. That’s where he discovered his true passion of helping fighters get noticed and earning the title bouts they deserved.

“I was a big fan of Shannon Briggs before I actually managed him,” Hirsch shared. “Right away, I saw a fighter who had the heart of a champion and undeniable talent. What he didn’t have was opportunity, so we hit it off almost immediately and I’ve always loved working with him.”

Hirsch’s prediction for the fight? He believes that fans will be surprised as Briggs quickly sets the tone for the bout and leaves everything he has in the ring. Hirsch wouldn’t be shocked to witness a 1st round knockout or stoppage since Briggs is in excellent fighting shape and extremely motivated to win his debut match.