Brach Eichler Cannabis Practice Co-Chair Charles X Gormally on the Importance of Cannabis Practice in New Jersey

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Charles X Gormally Charles X Gormally

Attorney Charles X Gormally Runs Cannabis Practice With Fellow Experienced Attorneys

A legal practice in Roseland, New Jersey has chosen to place a large focus on cannabis law in recent years because of the state’s rapidly changing laws surrounding cannabis. Charles X Gormally is the co-chair of that practice and said it has been well received in the community. “People are seeing the growing need for clear legislation on this issue and for attorneys to guide them through the changes that are ahead,” Charles X Gormally said. 

New Jersey recently greatly expanded its medical cannabis legislation, opening the door for many more people to receive medical marijuana, and recreational use is doubtless not far behind, Charles X Gormally said. Laws are changing rapidly, and Charles X Gormally said he prides himself on being ready to tackle potential legal questions that will arise when recreational cannabis is legalized in New Jersey. 

In addition to Charles X Gormally, the cannabis practice at Brach Eichler is host to several other attorneys: Matthew M. Collins, Susan R. Rubright, co-chair John Fanburg, Riza I. Dagli, Carol Grelecki, Allen J. Propowitz and Frances B. Stella. Each of these attorneys has years of experience and is talented in areas such as real estate, land use, corporate transactions, labor law and more, according to Charles X Gormally.   The cannabis law practice at Brach Eichler has eight members who are “uniquely qualified to navigate complicated and highly regulated marketplaces,” according to the Brach Eichler website, while providing practical guidance to entrepreneurs in the cannabis field. 

Charles X Gormally said it has been a privilege to work with such a motivated, dedicated team of attorneys in the blossoming cannabis practice at Brach Eichler. As cannabis law evolves in the state of New Jersey, he anticipates that the cannabis practice itself will change as well. 

“Often, people do not think about all the other things that are affected when cannabis is legalized,” Charles X Gormally said. “It touches real estate, labor law and many more, and Brach Eichler’s attorneys are prepared to help New Jersey navigate legal recreational marijuana.” 

Brach Eichler is not the only law firm in the United States who has started a cannabis practice. In fact, they are popping up in other law firms across the country as the demand increases and legalization of cannabis continues in the country. 

Brach Eichler has 79 attorneys in total and was founded in 1967. To learn more about the cannabis law group and for more resources and information on cannabis law, visit