Brainfuse Celebrates 20 Years In Business Providing Educational Assistance, Support to Learners

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Brainfuse, an online program that ensures students, adult learners and job-seekers have access to the personalized, all-in-one learning experience they need, is celebrating 20 years of being in business.

Brainfuse Reviews is thanking the students and institutions it has served over the last two decades. Brainfuse clients include libraries, school districts, workforce centers, colleges and universities.

“Though the internet was in its infancy 20 years ago, we believed that it held the potential to connect expert tutors with students in a format that offered unparalleled reach, versatility and convenience,” according to a Brainfuse Reviews press release. “Millions of tutoring sessions later, this vision continues to guide us.”

Brainfuse clients have the opportunity to work with live tutors, collaborate with peers and study on their own. They decide how they want to acquire a skill and Brainfuse gives them the tools to master it with a personalized program. In the 20 years that Brainfuse Reviews has been in business, it has completed millions of one-to-one tutoring sessions.

Just in the last year, Brainfuse has experienced unprecedented growth in terms of institutions served and expansion of service offerings. In addition to the flagship services- HelpNow and JobNow – Brainfuse has broadened its offerings by introducing VetNow. VetNow is a program focused on providing assistance to veterans. VetNow supports veterans and their families with navigating the VA bureaucracy, providing academic tutoring and employment transition assistance. The service is available in libraries across the country.

Also popular is the expanded support Brainfuse recently added for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This support allows them to improve their writing skills, prepare for the U.S. Citizenship test and improve their career prospects with resume and job interview assistance. This year, Brainfuse Reviews plans to greatly expand its offerings for this often-underserved population with additional resources and tools.

This year Brainfuse also added significant new features that enhance its higher education offerings. These include identifying struggling students and providing them with powerful tools that help them address their specific needs. More than 30 state departments have selected Brainfuse as an approved tutoring provider, due to Brainfuse Reviews’ track record of effectiveness, state alignment, financial soundness and capacity to serve large numbers of students. Brainfuse customizes academic and career services for any learner.

Another recent accomplishment is that Brainfuse topped effectiveness rankings from studies conducted by The Los Angeles Unified School District and the Colorado Department of Education. Hundreds of library systems throughout the country subscribe to Brainfuse Reviews’ services.

Brainfuse looks forward to launching new features during the upcoming academic year and to continuing to serve students of all ages.