Brandy Zwicker Discusses Improving your Overall Health with Diet & Exercise

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Brandy Zwicker Improving your Overall Health with Diet Exercise Brandy Zwicker Improving your Overall Health with Diet Exercise

Brandy Zwicker has a passion for serving others in the community as well as through her tenured career as a Registered Nurse. She has worked in the areas of medical, oncology, cardiac telemetry, critical care step-down, primary care, Director of Nursing, and Quality Assurance Manager. Brandy advocates living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.

Brandy Zwicker explained, “The health of the bodies and vascular system are affected by many things like stress, substance abuse, and genetics, but the main offenders of conditions and disorders are obesity, poor dietary habits, having high blood sugar levels, chemical, and toxin overload, and living a sedentary lifestyle.

“Individuals should talk with their physician about the right exercise plan for them. Most people can benefit from taking a brisk 30-minute walk or a 30-minute swim. Exercise increases circulation, improves nutrient and oxygen-rich blood flow and helps you build strength and to lose weight. If you can work out harder, it’s extremely beneficial to get your heart rate up daily with cardiovascular exercise.”

“There have been significant studies on the benefits of water activities for individuals that suffer from cardiac diseases and disorders. These cases have proven that the level of oxygen in the blood increases in water, which is ideal for most vascular issues.” Brandy Zwicker continued, “The oxygen consumption (VO2) is three times greater in water than on land. Working large muscle groups leads to this uptake of oxygen or VO2 but doing a lot of running and legwork on land increases the heart rate at a higher level than with water-based therapy. For obvious reasons, maintaining a lower heart rate is ideal for those suffering from any heart ailments.

“If you are sick, suffering from stress or chronic conditions, stress reduction through yoga or meditation, along with the right exercise, diet, supplements, medications and lifestyle changes, an increase in overall health is achievable.”

Brandy Zwicker has five children and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and outdoor fitness opportunities. She enjoys working out to include running, spin cycle, yoga, weight training, basketball, and indoor rock climbing. Brandy hopes to compete in fitness competitions eventually.

Brandy Zwicker looks forward to many more years within the healthcare industry, and she’s arranging her schedule to attend a university to pursue her Doctor of Nursing Degree with plans to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.