Brandy Zwicker is the Creative Force Behind Shawn Suda’s Eye-Opening New Book, Evidence of Genesis

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Brandy Zwicker Brandy Zwicker is the Creative Force Behind Shawn Sudas Eye Opening New Book Evidence of Genesis Brandy Zwicker Brandy Zwicker is the Creative Force Behind Shawn Sudas Eye Opening New Book Evidence of Genesis

A tale as old as time, now told through an explosive new lens.

Upon its release on February 3, 2019, Shawn Suda’s book, Evidence of Genesis, created colossal ripples in Christian literary circles, and for good reason too!

Exclusively sold on Amazon, the book shares a rare insight into the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible, spilling on such details as the logistics of the Noahic Flood and the historicity of the resurrection.

A Thrilling Take On The Oldest Book In The World

Evidence of Genesis astonishes readers with archaeological, historical, scientific and prophetic evidence to support the inerrancy of the Bible. It also touches upon a controversial subject that readers on either side of history are forced to reconcile with; the possibility of the theory of evolution being nothing more than a byproduct of a carefully curated cultural narrative.

Per Shawn, “The book is crafted to give believers and nonbelievers alike a renewed sense of faith in something bigger than themselves. It aims to provide an abundance of answers to their unanswered questions.”

The author’s academic laurels speak for themselves. Shawn has obtained various degrees from secular universities including a Master of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics from Liberty University. This holistic education has brought him to a crossroads; the meeting point of science and theology.

In his book, Shawn expounds, “Many conventional Christians do not believe in defending the Bible in an academic sense. They believe the Bible is perfectly capable of defending itself, and that it should be accepted as the infallible word of God.” The author continues, “Although, western culture has shifted dramatically over the last few decades. Academics of the Bible are essential in developing and strengthening one’s faith.”

Brandy Zwicker: The Creative Muse Behind Evidence of Genesis

Shawn is an accomplished author and veteran of the Global War on Terrorism. His unprecedented success notwithstanding, the author likes to revert to his roots, citing his creative engine, partner in crime, pillar of support and beloved sister, Brandy Zwicker.

Brandy Zwicker is prominently mentioned in the acknowledgments in a poignant and heartfelt manner. Suda thanks her for her invaluable guidance and recognizes that, without her support, the project probably would not have lived up to its original vision.

Much like her sibling, Brandy doesn’t lack in either ambition or accomplishment. She is a Bachelor of Science (BSN) Registered Nurse with 10 years of nursing experience under her belt. In 2006, Brandy was the recipient of the prestigious Charles M. Bair Memorial Scholarship which is an 8-semester full-ride academic scholarship.

Brandy Zwicker is a strong advocate for healthy living and works tirelessly to spread awareness for lung cancer and heart disease. She has made tremendous strides through her work in medical oncology, cardiac telemetry, critical care step down, basic care and has even risen through the ranks to become Director of Nursing and Quality Assurance Manager.

Juggling the lives of five adorable kids, Brandy Zwicker has proven that, for her, family comes first. She admits that the close bond between her and Shawn has been a guiding light throughout her personal and professional endeavors.

Brandy Zwicker spends time outdoors and pursues her love for hiking, camping, weight training, rock climbing, and yoga. With plans to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, she is working toward procuring her Doctor of Nursing Degree, a move she hopes will help many more patients lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.