Brandy Zwicker Recommends Three Supplements That Every Woman Needs

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Brandy Zwicker Brandy Zwicker

10-year registered nurse, Brandy Zwicker, shares three supplements that she recommends to every woman she meets.

Staying healthy, getting all your nutrients, maintaining a strong immune system. These are all things women think about at one time or another. But where to start? Which nutrients do women really need?

“For one, start with getting your blood work to find out what nutrients are lacking,” said Brandy Zwicker, a registered nurse for 10 years. “But if you can’t wait, I have a few recommendations to get you started.”Brandy Zwicker

“The first two supplements I recommend are calcium and vitamin D,” said Brandy Zwicker. “Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption and plays a significant role in brain and reproductive health. Better calcium absorption meaning stronger bones and thyroid support, which helps regulate the menstrual cycle.”

Iron is another vital supplement for women. For women that often feel fatigued, especially while menstruating, Brandy recommends taking iron for a dramatic improvement.

“Iron provides energy to the body,” said Brandy. “Most women I meet have their lives dramatically improved just by taking this one supplement. It helps wake up the brain and shake off any brain fog or memory trouble. Vegans and vegetarians especially should consider taking this supplement as iron is harder to come by in plant-based diets.”

Some other great supplements that Brandy recommends include maca, magnesium, and probiotics. Maca has been proven to increase energy and libido in women (as well as men.) Magnesium helps regulate muscle function, including the heart muscle. It helps the heart maintain a healthy rhythm, regulate blood pressure, and improves the production of cholesterol. Probiotics are a common supplement that many people benefit from. They help increase gut bacteria to better digest food and make a person more regular.

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