Brandy Zwicker Recommends Three Supplements to Support Men’s Health

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Brandy Zwicker Brandy Zwicker

10-year registered nurse, Brandy Zwicker, shares three supplements that she recommends for general men’s health


Even with a healthy, well-rounded diet, it can be hard to get the vitamins and minerals a man needs for optimal health. Here are three supplements Brandy Zwicker recommends to men looking to boost their health, energy levels, and muscle function.

1) Vitamin D

“Most men and women are deficient in vitamin D,” said Brandy. “But this vitamin serves an important role in men’s health. For one, studies have shown that it can help boost testosterone levels, which can help with energy and sleep apnea. Vitamin D supports bone and heart health, which is important for older men who are, in general, more prone to falls.”

2) Magnesium

“Magnesium is vital for controlling glucose levels, nerve functions, and protein synthesis,” said Brandy Zwicker. “Foods high in magnesium include bananas, black beans, and almonds. Magnesium can also support levels of testosterone. The mineral helps with constipation, muscle cramps, anxiety, and heart palpitations. It is really a wonder mineral.”

3) Omega-3s

“Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3s are well known for their anti-inflammatory benefits,” said Brandy. “The nutrient also supports cardiovascular, joint, and brain health. Omega-3s are primarily found in fish, but vegetarians and vegans can get them in walnuts and flaxseeds. If you go the supplement route, make sure it’s a high-quality product for maximum benefit.”

Another supplement Brandy recommends–maca. Maca root helps increase energy like coffee, but without the jitters, and is known to increase libido and stamina in men (women too).

“Choosing the right supplement can be overwhelming,” said Brandy. “The best place to start is with your primary doctor and getting blood work done. It’s important to know what the body needs to achieve optimal health and energy levels.”
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About Brandy Zwicker

Brandy Zwicker is a Bachelor of Science (BSN) Registered Nurse with ten years of nursing experience. Brandy has five children and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoor fitness opportunities. She enjoys running, spin cycle, yoga, weight training, basketball, and indoor rock climbing.