Brock Clermont Continues the Legacy of Show Jumping

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Brock Clermont Legacy of Show Jumping Brock Clermont Legacy of Show Jumping
Brock ClermontWith a focus on purchasing and training some of the finest horses in the world, Brock Clermont has the privilege of training riders and teaching them show jumping.

Show jumping, commonly known as stadium jumping, is an English riding equestrian event that incorporates dressage, eventing, hunters, and equitation. The classes of jumping are most famously seen on the Olympic stage.

Fairly new in the world of riding, this sport gained prominence in the 18th century, when there was a great need for the horses to be able to jump over obstacles during various activities. Having roots in France, the competition for show jumping was born but not without its challenges.

This sport of show jumping was heavily influenced by the Spanish, French, and Italian equestrians. Italian instructor Captain Federico Caprilli heavily influenced the world of jumping through his ideas and feedback on the positions of each rider and the style of stirrups.

“Through promoting a style of rider that was in a forward position, Federico realized that this style would not interfere with the balance of the horse while jumping,” explained Brock Clermont. “The forward seat style is still commonly used today.”

As the sport progressed, England held its first show jumping competition at Olympia in 1907. During this competition, it became quite clear that there needed to be greater uniformity and a more clear outline of the rules for show jumping. 1907 was a turning point for the sport in providing direction and stability. With emphasis placed on imagination, the spectators, and uniformity the BSJA was formed in 1925. Just a short time earlier, the United States in 1917 formed the American Horse Shows Association, which is known today as the United States Equestrian Federation.

Having competed himself at the highest level, Brock Clermont understands the significance of show jumping becoming an Olympic sport, with the earliest form appearing in 1900 and later, as a more refined sport in 1912 where show jumping has continued to rise in popularity around the world, namely because the spectators enjoy the riders and different styles of show jumping that have grown in style based on the different parts of the world.

While show jumping has taken many different forms, today it is a vital sport that Brock Clermont continues to teach and train on to this day. To learn more about show jumping and Brock Clermont, click here.