Brock Clermont Discusses Equitation

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Finding the perfect trainer for equitation riding can be difficult. Brock Clermont discusses various riding styles.

Brock ClermontWith decades of experience in training, riding and grooming horses, Brock Clermont offers his expertise year-round, by coaching and training riders in equitation riding.

Equitation is the art or practice of horse riding or horsemanship. More specifically, equitation can refer to a rider’s position while mounted on the horse and can encompass the rider’s ability to ride correctly and with effective aids.

In various horse show competitions, the riders, not the horse are evaluated. Various classes and styles may go by different names and titles depending on the region they are in, including equitation classes.

Brock ClermontThe criteria for judging may include the rider’s performance, their control of the horse, the proper use of riding aids, correct attire, form, rider poise and cleanliness of the horse are all taken into consideration.

“Great riders are always in balance with their horse”, explained Brock Clermont. “When trained correctly, a rider maintains the correct position, movement and always has control over their horse with nearly invisible aids.”

One equitation style is the hunt seat style of riding. Hunt seat is a style of forward-seat riding, found most commonly in North American horse shows. This is one of the classic forms of English horse riding. Competitions in North America include flat and over fences which judge the horse’s movement and form.

Brock ClermontAnother common equitation style is Saddle Seat, a uniquely American form of riding that grew out of a style used on Southern plantations with European influences as well.

“Western equitation is another style, and is sometimes called western horsemanship, stock seat equitation, or reining seat equitation,” explained Brock Clermont. “These competitions are judged at the walk, jog, and lope in both directions.”

A relatively new equitation class is Dressage seat, offered at dressage shows. In this competition, the horses gaits are not judged, rather it is the rider who is evaluated, including several tires in the ring at once.

Finding a trainer can be a difficult task, which is why Brock Clermont and his team started Clermark Equestrian, to help riders everywhere find the best possible trainer and become the best rider they can be.

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