Brock Clermont Offers Advice to Young Riders

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For decades, Brock Clermont has been one of the most acclaimed equestrian riders in the world. He offers tips on how to enter the world of riding and more.


Brock Clermont

“The first thing I tell people that are seriously considering getting into riding is that riding is a lifestyle, not just a sport, explained Brock Clermont, founder of Clermark Equestrian. “You have to be willing to commit to riding with everything you’ve got.”

The first step to breaking into the sport is finding an apprentice. You need to have someone who is willing to work with you day in, and day out. There are no shortcuts in equestrian riding, but there is a lot of support if you are willing to look and put in the time. Any relationship with a good trainer will go along way. It will offer you a great education, and with the right attitude and work ethic, you can find yourself in a position to learn from some of the best. 

Look for trainers that you have a great deal of admiration for, trainers whom you think you can learn from and approach them to see if they would be willing to take on any new trainees. In some instances, you can find yourself a relationship where you can get a future job, or a long-term training relationship. The best riders in the world all agree that starting off by working with an expert trainer is the best way to prepare for your career in riding.

Brock Clermont also reminds young riders how important it is to have proper expectations before beginning training. Riding will be a small part of your path to becoming a great rider, and having an open attitude to do whatever work is necessary will go a long way.

Brock Clermont also encourages riders that understanding the path they want to go down sooner rather than later, is a big advantage. Some riders will start planning to go pro while they are very young, and this can help riders chart paths to go professional earlier on.

“Financing can be an often difficult hurdle to overcome and one that people overlook,” explained Brock Clermont. “Don’t ignore how important proper budgeting is to this sport, and don’t let it stop you from chasing your dreams. There will always be people out there willing to support you in any way possible to make your riding dreams a reality.”

Brock Clermont has traveled the world training the very best in equestrian riding and is always available to work with those young riders that want to have a future in the sport.