Brock Clermont & The Art of Riding

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Brock Clermont The Art of Riding Brock Clermont The Art of Riding

For decades, Brock Clermont has Specialized in the training of students and horses for hunter, jumper, and equitation competition and offers tips on becoming a world class rider.


Brock Clermont

Equitation is the art of horse riding and horsemanship that Brock Clermont has been participating in his whole life. More specifically, equitation can refer to a rider and their position while mounted, also it can encompass a rider and their ability to ride correctly. Equitation may also refer to different classes or styles of riding as well.

What makes Brock Clermont and his teams approach to training so unique, is the fact that they train both the horse and rider providing a holistic experience.

Brock Clermont often tells his students to start early with training. “This sport takes years and years of practice, explained Brock Clermont. “That practice pays off when you consistently focus on learning how to get better.”

It’s important to practice all year, keeping races and shows in mind as a reminder as to why you are training so hard. You can never start preparing too early. This is a sport that will take up the majority of your life and also provide the most fulfilling reward when you put your heart into equitation riding.

Brock Clermont also reminds his students to remain consistent in riding styles. Changes at the last minute can lead to injury or soreness, while consistency in things like leg strengthening, shoulder straightening, will pay dividends in your future by starting those consistent practices now. Consistency is the key to competing in this sport. Both humans and horses work best with a routine that is practiced and worked on over time.

Brock Clermont reminds all of his students to only focus on themselves and do not compare their riding to others. This sport is about focusing on yourself and on your horse, and setting high standards and goals to improve on a daily basis. It’s hard to not compare yourself, but it’s the best way to succeed in this sport.

One of Brock Clermont’s main tips is to enjoy yourself as well. Sometimes it can be a year of preparation for an event, and hundreds of hours of practice, and if you want to have longevity in riding, you have to take it seriously and also be able to have fun. Enjoy every minute because it truly is one of the most beautiful sports in the world, and it will provide you with experiences you will never forget.

Brock Clermont continues to ride and teach, traveling around the world.