Bruce Crain Recommends Supplement Starting Pack

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If you are looking to enhance your diet, Bruce Crain recommends three basic supplements for beginners.

When people first start their fitness journey, they often wonder where to begin when it comes to taking supplements. Although there is no magic pill or powder that will give you immediate results, Bruce Crain of Mississippi believes there are benefits to slowly and safely incorporating supplements into your diet. Before we go over which supplements to start with, you must know how to use them.

Bruce Crain, a successful personal trainer, and nutritionist in Mississippi suggests introducing only one supplement to your body at a time. Continue taking the new supplement for 6-9 weeks to determine if you notice any results. Slowly adding supplements is also a great way to identify how each one makes you feel. If you take a bunch of new things all at one time, there will be no way to differentiate which ones are working for you and which ones aren’t sitting as well.

Supplements should never be used in place of a balanced and nutritious diet. Once you know how to eat correctly, set realistic goals, and stick to a workout plan, it’s time to add supplements to the mix. There is no substitute for getting adequate rest, managing mental health, or staying consistent in your fitness plan.

1. Multivitamin

The first supplement you should consider adding to your diet is a multivitamin. Bruce Crain of Mississippi explains that multivitamins help fill in small gaps in your already balanced diet. Plus, some nutrients are more in demand when your body is working hard. Intense training, muscle growth, changes in diet, and immune system attacks are all examples of when a multivitamin would come in handy. Break your multivitamin into multiple servings and always take it with a meal for maximum absorption.

2. Greens Supplement

Plants offer a wide variety of nutrients that are used in both new and traditional medicines and remedies. Most people admit that they don’t get enough servings of vegetables and leafy greens per day, which means those nutrients need to come from somewhere! Bruce Crain of Mississippi notes that for powdered botanicals to be effective, it’s usually recommended to take at least 500 milligrams per serving with food.

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Every single cell in your body requires fatty acids when building the foundation of fluid membranes. Bruce Crain of Mississippi notes that since cells are continually being destroyed and created, it’s essential to have fatty acids for optimal health and fitness. Additionally, essential fatty acids allow your immune system to work correctly and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. They help you recover faster from workouts and other stresses in life, such as lack of sleep.

As if those benefits aren’t amazing enough, taking omega-3s can help other nutrients work better while improving your mood, mental health, and skin. Bruce Crain of Mississippi recommends buying supplements that offer fatty acids in natural triglyceride or fatty acid form. That way, you can take lower doses to achieve the best possible results, compared to other types on the market today.

Bruce Crain of Mississippi always recommends speaking with a certified dietician or nutritionist for personalized guidance. Consider all pre-existing conditions and environmental factors when building and starting new plans.