Bruce Crain Reveals the Secret Behind Rock Hard Abs

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According to personal trainer, Bruce Crain of Mississippi, core exercises will only get you so far on the journey to having a six-pack.

Having a flat stomach does not come naturally for most people, especially for those who have visible abdominal muscles. Not only does it require consistency and dedication in the gym, but it also requires sacrifices and willpower in the kitchen. According to personal trainer, Bruce Crain of Mississippi, abs are truly made at home in the kitchen. Here are some other common misconceptions about achieving the elusive six-pack.

People most commonly believe that to have abs, they must increase the number of ab exercises they do each week. Although having a strong core is essential for good posture and overall wellness, they mustn’t be overworked. Bruce Crain of Mississippi explains that on top of ab muscles, lies a layer of fat. It won’t matter how much time you spend doing crunches in the gym if you don’t have the right diet. The layer of fat will reside above your super strong abs indefinitely.

Another myth people believe is that their fat will turn into muscle. This belief is not in any way accurate. Bruce Crain of Mississippi explains that fat is fat, and muscle is muscle. They cannot be changed or transformed into each other. To achieve a flat stomach, you must strengthen your core and lose weight by eating a healthy, nutritious diet.
Finally, people believe the myth that they can target specific areas of fat by exercising that body part. Bruce Crain of Mississippi notes that there is no way to spot reduce body fat. For example, doing core exercises alone will not help you shrink your waist. When you lose and gain weight, you will see the difference throughout the entire body. Everyone is different, which means some places on the body change more slowly than others. However, you most likely won’t lose weight immediately in the areas you desire.

The only way to get abs is through a healthy, nutritious diet and hard work in the gym. There are no special pills, foods, or fad diets that will help you achieve the look you want. Bruce Crain of Mississippi recommends avoiding anything that sounds too good to be true, including short term cleanses and programs. Many of these methods can cause more damage and harm than good and cost you your health in the long run.

Instead, focus on making an overall lifestyle change that is centered around diet, exercise, and sleep. If you stay consistent and put your health first, you will be able to not only achieve the body you desire but also maintain it. Pay careful attention to your cravings and stick diligently to your gym routine. Bruce Crain of Mississippi recommends finding a personal trainer if you are struggling to stay motivated or get started.

About Bruce Crain

Born and raised in Mississippi, Bruce Crain has built a successful career as a personal trainer. He specializes in helping clients improve their overall well-being through lifestyle changes focused on exercise and clean eating. He believes anyone can improve their physical and mental health with an individualized fitness plan.