Bruce K. Shibuya Talks About Winning the Toyota Executive Management Award

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Bruce K. Shibuya sits down to talk about how he won the Toyota Executive Management Award.

Toyota is one of the largest auto manufacturers and car retailers in the world. The company operates in dozens of countries on six different continents, with billions of dollars of revenue coming in each and every year. As a result, Toyota needs an executive management team that can deliver results. Fortunately, Toyota has detail-oriented employees like Bruce K. Shibuya to help increase productivity, revenue, and brand awareness. Thanks to his exemplary efforts, Bruce K Shibuya was awarded with the Executive Management Award for his focus on details across a wide range of projects.

Bruce K. Shibuya Discusses the Honor of the Toyota Executive Management Award

It’s not every day that top-level employees are recognized for their efforts and achievements, which is why Bruce K. Shibuya was so honored. It’s even less common at large, global businesses like Toyota. In any case, here’s what Bruce K. Shibuya had to say about receiving the Toyota Executive Management Award:

  • “When I was first presented with the award, I honestly couldn’t believe it. It’s one of the highest honors that any Toyota employee can receive. I knew that I had been working hard and putting in 100% at all times, but it still felt surreal for Toyota to recognize my efforts. It was one of the greatest honors of my working life and I will always cherish it.” – Bruce K. Shibuya
  • “I actually qualified for the award due to my diligence and attention to detail in my everyday work. I had also contributed to various large projects that required a lot of time and effort. I think that also helped me get the award. In any case, I knew it was a big deal because Toyota doesn’t hand out the Executive Management Award to just anyone. It’s an extremely competitive achievement within the company.” – Bruce K. Shibuya
  • “When I first worked at Toyota, I was a product engineer. Within two years, the company promoted me to manage the quality assurance department. Though I spent a few years living and working in Japan, I spent the majority of my tenure focused on the U.S. market. I even built the original global qualifying tracking system for the new North American model production. This, in part, helped me secure the Toyota Executive Management Award.” – Bruce K. Shibuya
  • “I worked for Toyota for the better part of two decades, from 1987 to 2003. I managed all of the company’s quality and regulatory assurance in the U.S. market for most of that time. Even though I would move on to other things around 2003, I will always appreciate my time at Toyota. I like to think that I really helped improve the company, and I think getting the Toyota Executive Management Award proves it.” – Bruce K. Shibuya