Bryan Nazor Gives Advice on What Color to Paint Your Home

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Bryan Nazor Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor explains the effects different colors can have when renovating your home.


It’s not uncommon to refresh your home with a fresh coat of paint when you’re getting ready to put it on the market for sale. Maybe you’re just tired of the color and want a new look for yourself. Bryan Nazor wants you to know that depending on what specific colors you choose, your subconscious may be affected in turn. This may sound a little “out there” to some, but it’s been proven through numerous scientific studies: colors have a definite effect on the human psyche. Bryan Nazor is here to give you advice on which colors can work best for which rooms, and for what reasons.


Blue is a popular color, but you should be careful about how you use it if you plan on painting the walls with it. When it comes to painting the walls with blue, Bryan Nazor warns, you’ll want to try to strike a delicate balance: too light, and the room can seem “chilly” or “frigid”, too dark, and you might be evoking feelings of depression. However, the right shade of blue can be relaxing and calming, perfect for a living area or social room.


Speaking of calming effects, Bryan Nazor points to green as the ultimate “relaxing” color. Green is the least stressful color on the human eye, probably owing to the fact that green is the color of nature. For this reason, a nice, foresty green is an absolutely perfect color choice for the bedroom. Green is also stated to be an anxiety-reducing color, which makes it a great choice for a study or office. However, as with every color, the shade and intensity you choose is extremely important and could make all the difference. Try to stay away from electric, neon greens unless you’re trying to feel extremely energized and on potentially on edge.


If your goal is to feel energized, Bryan Nazor suggests going for a good orange. Orange evokes energy, strength, and all-around positive feelings. While this may be a little much for a living room or bedroom, orange is the absolute perfect color for a workout room or gym area in your home. 


A general tip Bryan Nazor gives concerning your room’s new color: something to consider is how the color you choose will affect your perception of how high your ceiling is. Lighter shades of color will make your ceiling seem bigger, and therefore make the room feel more “open”. On the other hand, darker shades can make the ceiling seem lower. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Bryan Nazor explains: a “lower” ceiling can help create a cozy, comfortable feeling.


Of course, there’s always the classic standby of neutral colors. A fresh white-colored wall will evoke a sense of cleanliness and purity, and help to put the mind at ease. Of course, with a white wall, dirt and dust will show up much easier, so you’ll have to be mindful about maintaining it well. White is also the ultimate choice when it comes to making your rooms feel more spacious.


Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to bring out the best in your home. Just one last thing to keep in mind: at the end of the day, if you’re doing it for yourself, choose whichever color will make you happiest! You’re going to be seeing it every day, so make a decision you won’t regret.