Bryan Nazor’s Tips for Selling a Home with Pets

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Bryan Nazor Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor gives expert advice for home-sellers who care for animals.

Selling a home is already undoubtedly a stressful affair. Between pricing, setting up a time-line, home inspections, and all the other hullabaloo that comes with the decision to sell a house, you might find yourself thinking it’s not possible for this whole ordeal to become even more stressful. Pet owners will be quick to tell you otherwise.

Bryan Nazor wants you to be able to sell your home as stress-free as possible, so he’s compiled a checklist of things to be aware of when attempting to sell the home that you’ve been sharing with your fuzzy friends. The first thing, Bryan Nazor tells us, will, unfortunately, be hindsight for many: homes require additional upkeep when you’re taking care of pets.

Whether you’re watching after cats or dogs, claws can cause damage to hardwood floors. Cats especially have the habit of sharpening their claws on furniture, but you should take extra care to make sure they’re not doing the same on doorframes and/or wall corners. There are special “cat deterrent” sprays you can buy to make your cats avoid certain areas, or, Bryan Nazor informs us, you can create your own homemade mixture of water, dish soap, and lavender essential oils.

On the dog lover’s side of the fence, you’ll want to make sure your yard is up to par. Bryan Nazor warns that a yard that doesn’t look up to snuff can be a deal-breaker for someone looking to purchase. You’ll want to make sure that any holes that have been dug up are filled, any patches of grass that have died are replanted, and any damage done to the inside of the fence is repaired before even thinking about showing your yard to prospective buyers.

By taking these preventative measures, you can make the process a lot easier for yourself when the time comes to begin selling. Bryan Nazor has some tips for you once you’ve reached that point. A good, heavy cleaning is an obvious step for any homeowner looking to sell to take, but owners with pets should take extra care to remove any sources of errant fur that might be floating around. Bryan Nazor highly suggests cleaning out the air ducts in your home—you might be unpleasantly surprised to find how much of your pets end up in there.

Somewhat related to the previous point, Bryan Nazor stresses the importance of deodorizing your home. After living with pets for a while, owners become desensitized to their pets’ scents. This is fine and dandy for when you’re living in the home, but it can be a nightmare when trying to sell it. Spray, spray, and spray some more with pet-specific deodorizers and scrub the smell away. Don’t rely on Febreze-style odor maskers or candles to cover the smells: it won’t remove the problem, and in a lot of cases, will create an even more offensive odor.

Bryan Nazor’s final tip for showing your home while owning pets is for their benefit as much as the prospective buyers: relocate or hide away your pets while showing the house. While some might consider themselves animal people and be delighted at the prospect of meeting your pets, others will be put off by their presence. You also want to mitigate any possibility of strangers accidentally allowing your pet to run off!

With these tips, Bryan Nazor hopes to help your home-selling process go as easily as possible, for you, and your pets.