Bryan Paarmann Has Faithfully And Honorably Served The United States

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Bryan Paarmann Has Faithfully And Honorably Served The United States Bryan Paarmann Has Faithfully And Honorably Served The United States

Bryan Paarmann is protective of his country and is a proud American. In many ways, he has faithfully and honorably served his homeland.

Bryan has proudly served in the US Army and as an FBI agent.

Throughout his career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he received numerous promotions; all increasing in scope and responsibility. His final role in the Bureau was to lead the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force. This position suited him well as he was a recognized Counterterrorism expert, practitioner, and had worked at senior levels on multiple high level and sensitive investigations designed to help protect the American people and uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Bryan Paarmann has excellent leadership skills and a steadfast allegiance to the United States. During his time as an FBI Special Agent and a National Security Senior Executive, he served on numerous counter-terrorism task forces and helped change policy, procedure, and process to make those groups more collaborative, more efficient, and able to mitigate the threat effectively.

Bryan’s education and investigative expertise were perfect for this position. This skill was instrumental when conducting his duties in reducing terrorist threats.

In the past, he has presented to numerous groups, to include renowned Academic Institutions, critical Private Sector entities, Think-Tanks, Civic Institutions, foreign partners, and law enforcement/intelligence professionals. Bryan spends time talking about the threat, ways to mitigate that threat, collaboration, and more effective and efficient methods to defeat terrorism and terrorist threats.

Fighting against those who want to cause harm is a notable responsibility. It requires time, understanding, and training to know how to handle scary situations. Education, information sharing, operational cooperation, and effectively developing and utilizing intelligence are the cornerstones for success in Paarmann’s opinion.

Bryan has always been more than willing to share his expertise to enhance people’s knowledge of this matter.

Paarmann covers what we can do as a society to protect our country. Bryan cares about building a safer world for the people of today and for the future.

Still, after three decades of selfless service to our nation, Paarmann nobly retired. It was not an easy decision for him.

Bryan Paarmann will always feel strongly about security and safety. It is why he advises people to be observant of their surroundings and to become actively engaged in countering the terrorist threat. ‘If you see something, say something, so that we all can do something’ is a mantra worth repeating.

He asks that people take deliberate action when spotting something suspicious or unusual. It is vital to contact authorities and not approach a potentially dangerous situation.

Paarmann learned a lot during his time in the Army and while working as an FBI agent. These valuable experiences have helped him make a difference in how we handle terrorism.

His sincere devotion has always been to make this world a safer place for everyone. Bryan Paarmann has faithfully and honorably served the United States in many ways and continues to do so.

For thirty-plus years, Bryan has been a professional protector of this country. Now, he continues on a personal level to help keep things safe.

His goal is to teach ways to guard one another and to keep each other safe from terrorist threats.

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