Bryan Paarmann’s Over Thirty-Year Career Of Commitment To Public Service

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Bryan Paarmann’s Over Thirty Year Career Of Commitment To Public Service Bryan Paarmann’s Over Thirty Year Career Of Commitment To Public Service

Bryan Paarmann graduated from West Point in 1988. After graduation, he started an over thirty-year career of commitment to public service. Bryan Paarmann honorably served the United States in many positions.

After graduation from the United States Military Academy, Bryan Paarmann went on to serve as an Infantry Officer in the US Army. Bryan Paarmann completed both peacetime and combat assignments globally. After serving our country in the military, Bryan Paarmann resolutely continued his life of service to the nation.

Public service is not only significant but is a calling for Bryan Paarmann.

His dedication to a lifetime of service to the nation is why he joined the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1996. Secondly, Bryan Paarmann also wanted to accomplish a family legacy and follow in his father’s footsteps who had served in the FBI from 1952 – 1980 following service in the military in World War II.

In 1996, Bryan Paarmann became a second-generation FBI Special Agent, proudly accepting and carrying his father’s credential number which was passed on to him. The picture of the Paarmann ‘passing of the torch’ still hangs in the FBI Experience museum in FBIHQ.

While working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), he handled many assignments in several geographically disparate offices around the country and the world. Bryan Paarmann’s assignments grew in both scope and responsibility within the FBI’s Criminal and National Security mandates.

A highlight of Bryan Paarmann’s career was being selected to lead the NY Joint Terrorism Task Force; the largest, oldest, and arguably one of the most active JTTF’s out of 102 in the nation. He became the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New York Office Counterterrorism Division and the NY JTTF in 2017; something that he credits with being one of the greatest honors in his career.

The task force is the most dynamic multi-organizational counterterrorism team in the nation.

After three decades, Bryan Paarmaan honorably retired from the FBI in 2019 but his commitment to public service continues.

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