Bryan White Oversees Two Mercury Management Groups Based Out of Texas

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Bryan White is an experienced medical professional in Texas who has demonstrated his aptitude for leadership for years in a number of top-level roles. Serving as manager for Mercury Healthcare Management and Mercury Multifamily Management, White provides many impactful resources to the people in his community. 


In Texas, Bryan White has taken on many leadership roles to ensure medical facilities in his area operate at the highest caliber. At nursing homes and care centers across the state, he incorporates modern solutions to meet patients’ growing needs, often championing new protocols for improved offerings among his peers. 


Additionally, White serves as the manager for Mercury Healthcare Management, which oversees more than 800 nursing home and skilled nursing patients in Texas, and Mercury Multifamily Management, which connects families with potential real estate options in the area. In these roles, Bryan White demonstrates quality leadership and dedicated care for all his patients, residents, and fellow community members. 


Mercury Healthcare Management is a personnel management company for medical staff like physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians’ assistants who deliver care for nursing home patients in the state. In his management role, Bryan White ensures the continuation and improvement of this tremendous resource for professionals in Dallas, Tarrant, Ellis and Hood counties as well as their patients.


Besides taking on the management role for Mercury Healthcare, Bryan White also serves as CEO for the company, encouraging his facilities to set the bar high for medical practices everywhere. His work helps patients receive optimal care long-term and ultimately assists teams in the healthcare industry achieve greater success in their fields.


Mercury Multifamily Management is a real estate management company for multifamily properties in Tarrant and Parker Counties. Today, the multifamily portfolio of the company is held and managed by the majority member, Bryan White. The properties he manages have boasted a combined 97% occupancy rate for the calendar year of 2019, a tremendous success in the area. 


Serving as the manager for Mercury Healthcare Management and Multifamily Management are only two of White’s notable efforts to improve medical care in the state of Texas. Recently, he instituted a dosage reduction protocol for antidepressant medication for nursing home patients to eliminate concerns over negative side effects. He also presented a dosage reduction protocol during the Texas Medical Foundation open forum last year for antipsychotic medications given to dementia patients.


Across a career spanning decades, Bryan White has always kept a focus on connecting patients in his community to top-notch medical care run by the best professionals in the field. A proven leader throughout his career, he has also served as a Senior Consultant with Dignity Hospice, a Medical Director at Ennis Care Center, and works as a practicing internist in Dallas. In addition, he’s a Diplomate of the Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and a graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine.