Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly Enter Philadelphia Real Estate Community

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Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly Enter Philadelphia Real Estate Community Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly Enter Philadelphia Real Estate Community

Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly Enter Philadelphia Real Estate Community

Bryan Ziegenfuse and Real Estate lending firm I Fund Philly aim to connect the Philadelphia Real Estate community in 2019


Bryan Ziegenfuse

As millennials flock to cities in search of new jobs, entertainment, and an enjoyable lifestyle, the demand for newly renovated housing continues to grow and exceed supply. Having interviewed local realtors, developers, and real estate investors in the Philadelphia area, Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly have confirmed this trend and have launched an innovative technology platform that streamlines and eases the processes that are necessary to connect investment capital with developers.

I Fund Philly and Bryan Ziegenfuse have launched a new website – – that makes it quick and easy for developers and real estate investors to apply for capital within a matter of clicks as opposed to going through the lengthy and complex processes associated with the status quo.


In 2018 Philadelphia experienced one of its largest construction booms since World War II – largely as a result of the influx of population from suburban areas to the metroplex. Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly are well-positioned to service the needs of real estate investors and developers in this boom.


As a managing partner of I Fund Philly, Bryan Ziegenfuse is applying a diversified 15-year career as an executive across the lending, capital markets, finance and portfolio management disciplines. Prior to iFP, Bryan was Vice President of Strategy at Ocwen Financial Corporation where he led numerous corporate initiatives across risk management, capital preservation, customer experience and asset management. Additionally, Bryan managed key government relationships for the company. Prior to Ocwen, Bryan held several positions at GMAC Mortgage (Ally Financial) from 2005 to 2013, including Director of Restructuring, Senior Fixed Income Trader and Director of Finance. Bryan Ziegenfuse holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.  


I Fund Philly and Bryan Ziegenfuse are facilitating three specific types of loans in the real estate community through their website – bridge loans, construction loans, and rental loans. Bridge loans consist of short-term financing to help customers remarket, reposition, or refinance projects. The construction loans are intended for customers looking for financial support of projects that require upgrades, rehab, and renovations. Finally, members of the community looking to build a rental portfolio can apply for loans to grow the number properties generating income.


Throughout 2019, I Fund Philly will continue to roll out enhancements to its platform covering many aspects of fix and flip, and construction loan management process. “Each of our scheduled enhancements are designed to streamline customer facing processes, focusing on value added steps as well as helping mitigate inherent risks within our asset-based lending products” said Bryan Ziegenfuse. 

The value of I Fund Philly in the marketplace was recently highlighted after completing initial closing on a Port Richmond project with owner Irfan Raza from Raza Homes.


“We are excited about the partnership and look forward to supporting Raza Homes in reaching their investment goals for 2019,” said Bryan Ziegenfuse


“With an abundance of competition in a crowded asset-based lending market, the Port Richmond project with Raza Homes was a thoughtful way for I Fund Philly to create value and build our relationship with a long-term real estate investor,” said Managing Partner Bryan Ziegenfuse


To learn more about I Fund Philly and Bryan Ziegenfuse you can visit