Bryan Ziegenfuse of I Fund Philly Brings New Approach to Real Estate

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Bryan Ziegenfuse of I Fund Philly Bryan Ziegenfuse of I Fund Philly

Bryan Ziegenfuse of I Fund Philly brings a new approach to real estate lending in response to high demand for renovated housing

Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly bring a modern approach to real estate lending in Philadelphia as demand for renovated housing soars


Ziegenfuse recently joined Philadelphia-based real estate lender I Fund Philly (iFP) in December of 2018, bringing with him 15 years of executive experience across the servicing, capital markets, finance, and portfolio management disciplines.


I Fund Philly (“iFP”) is a private money lender connecting the real estate community through its platform which provides working capital to developers, investors, and builders in the form of short-term loans secured by real estate.


With the arrival of Bryan Ziegenfuse, iFP has differentiated itself from other lenders and is experiencing fast, organic growth as a result of developing a long-term, community-focused platform. I Fund Philly’s community is comprised of investors, lenders, local businesses, and service providers.


There are numerous macro trends within the fundamentals of the residential housing market that will continue to support iFP’s asset-based lending approach. iFP is well positioned for long term success in a market that has seen a growing number of institutional investors, increased demand for renovated housing that outpaces supply, and low default rates for experienced operators.


iFP’s innovative approach to connecting investors and developers through its mobile technology platform will bring much-needed improvements to the customer’s experience for a traditional fix and flip investors. Traditional bank lending lacks customer ease of processing.


Developers and investors currently operate in a fragmented industry and spend large amounts of time on non-revenue producing tasks. The fix and flip process for investors, developers and contractors can be extremely difficult to navigate, effectively increasing the length of time and cost necessary to evaluate, secure and begin new developments, reducing the number of new projects possible for all parties.


iFP’s platform will unite and integrate the sourcing, funding, managing, and selling of the investments within local real estate communities by connecting these functions within a single, innovative, mobile-enabled product. The much-anticipated release of the product is scheduled for early 2019.


In an effort to bring the real estate lending process into the modern age and accelerate the successful connection of available capital with developers and investors, Bryan Ziegenfuse and iFP have enabled customers to upload, process, and view all of the necessary documents online, directly through their website effectively avoiding common lengthy and outdated processes.


Simplification is a fundamental aspect of the customer experience

I Fund Philly and is a factor that has brought enormous value to the real estate community and has differentiated them from the status quo and other competitors.


At its core, Bryan Ziegenfuse and iFP manage operational, credit and market risk across three disciplines: borrower, asset and portfolio management. With a seasoned leadership team with significant experience in underwriting, default servicing, risk management, and asset disposition, managing risk is embedded in all aspects of the company.


iFP utilizes a combination of multiple 3rd party tools, proprietary models and industry best practices to qualify deals. Through many years of experience in default management and asset disposition, the team has assembled a meaningful process to significantly reduce credit risk.  


Private lending is a $50B industry and growing. Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly are planning for a strong 2019 and will look to bring their community-based lending platform to additional cities to stimulate local real estate and bring continued value to developers, investors, and builders.


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