Business Coach, Spencer Shaver Denver, Guides Startups Through HR and Staffing Hurdles

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Business Coach Spencer Shaver Denver Guides Startups Through HR and Staffing Hurdles Business Coach Spencer Shaver Denver Guides Startups Through HR and Staffing Hurdles

As a small business consultant with a prolific career trajectory, Spencer Shaver Denver is very familiar with the inner workings of the corporate world. To date, the Colorado-based entrepreneur has helped over 100 SMEs from coast to coast upgrade their marketing, staffing, and production tactics. He is also the Executive Producer of Skyward Artists Group, a company that has created thought-provoking Christian films to the acclaim of worldwide audiences. 

Today, Spencer Shaver Denver has some insights to share on his business philosophies, especially when it comes to HR practices for startups. 

“Owners of small businesses typically have to wear many hats,” the businessman says, “one of those is handling HR. Crafting HR policies involves plans and processes that will dictate not only your short-term goals but also mitigate long-term risks.”

So how do you create a checklist for success? The businessman has an answer. “It isn’t simply about complying with federal law or making it to an IPO. Your first order of business is to focus on creating something of value. A concrete HR plan paves the way for productivity, loyalty and helps you realize your overarching vision. Inevitably, it is also about reducing the business’s liability.”

Spencer Shaver Denver makes a great point. A recent study by discovered that about 23% of startups fail because they don’t have the right personnel in place. These findings suggest that, much like a family business where nepotism is prevalent, small businesses may also fall victim to an overly close-knit culture and lose perspective along the way. This causes companies to ignore sound HR practices. 

“It’s important to maintain perspective,” Spencer Shaver reminds SMEs. “A strategic plan will help tell the difference between valuable contributors and bottlenecks. Now while it isn’t necessary to have a structured HR department from day one, it’s important to have something basic and develop that as you grow.”

The businessman continues, “As part of your onboarding strategy, also make sure to convey objectives and establish expectations for your employees. Communication is absolutely vital.”

Spencer Shaver Denver admits that this process has tripped up many a savvy entrepreneur before. 

“When it comes to employee grievances, in particular,” Denver says. “It’s smart to have established a protocol that even takes care of potential future occurrences. What do I mean by this? You not only need to have a plan that outlines business conduct and complaint redressal, but you also have to work on following up.”

Denver explains that what owners want to try to achieve is fostering an individualized approach to maintaining relationships with their employees. Your hires are looking to find meaning in their work. Creating a line of feedback is vital so that they do not disengage from what your team is trying to achieve. 

“All these dials back to creating a vibrant company culture that speaks to longevity,” Spencer Shaver explains. “Of course, you don’t want to micromanage. What you do want to do is infuse a feeling of trust and transparency into your HR and staffing policies.”By sharing his business philosophies, Spencer Shaver Denver is on a mission to help businesses across the country expand their potential, overcome their teething issues and build a legacy for success.