Business Consultant, Jeff Nock Discusses the Mindset a Startup Entrepreneur Needs

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Jeff Nock Startup Entrepreneur Needs Jeff Nock Startup Entrepreneur Needs
Jeff Nock

CEO and Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, Jeff Nock is an experienced executive, consultant, and world-class leader who has demonstrated a history of growing startups, nonprofits and established companies. He is skilled in areas such as business planning, the strategic planning process, leadership development, financial modeling/budget leadership, marketing/brand management, business development, and presentation development. He sheds light on the mindset of a startup entrepreneur.


“Entrepreneurs are independent, driven individuals that have a vision for creating new products or services or vastly improving existing products and services, but what often hinders their aspirations is the fact that entrepreneurs are always ideating, and this includes brainstorming multiple ideas simultaneously.” Jeff Nock continued, “I don’t know any entrepreneur who doesn’t have at least a handful of products, new inventions, innovative ideas or service-oriented concepts that they want to launch. Staying focused is critical to long-term achievement.”


Jeff Nock explained, “The startup entrepreneur sees what can be and doesn’t get held back by all those who say why something can’t be done. As an entrepreneur, they have to embrace risk and not be afraid of failure. We help entrepreneurs minimize their risk by using proven startup practices to better ensure short term and long term success. “We have a few critical steps that we map out for our clients; such as deeply understanding target market buy-in and establishing product/market fit. There need to be high-level goals in mind and constant progress must be made towards those goals along with pragmatic flexibility to adjust to new opportunities, without changing course every day. This is especially true in the beginning stages” Jeff explained further. “Too often startup entrepreneurs either completely wing it and have no short term and long-term goals to guide them or they over analyze and try to implement detailed business plans that simply overkill for small startups. The key is to find the right balance.”


Jeff Nock is the CEO & Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, understands good leadership. His business helps early-stage and mid-cap companies grow and ultimately achieve their goals by offering a range of services, notably business planning, budget oversight and software application development. He teaches companies how a decisive leader will affect the entire business from the top-down, strengthening their production, and encouraging healthy growth with time.