Business Leader and Philanthropist Robert Shumake Drills a Water Well in Rural Kenya

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Robert Shumake Robert Shumake

While Kenya is a beautiful country, home to stunning natural landscapes and a diverse population dedicated to arts, culture, education, and tradition, finding clean, unpolluted drinking and bathing water is difficult in many rural areas. Women in rural Kenyan villages sometimes walk for miles to find clean, safe drinking water for their children. Some local schools do not have access to clean water at all.

That’s why business leader, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and international philanthropist Robert Shumake of Detroit, Michigan, is using his nonprofit charity’s funds to drill a watering hole in a rural area of Kenya. Water projects in Kenya are notoriously underfunded, and the equipment and labor are often too costly for locals to provide. The Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation will complete the project in early 2020, providing funds, labor, and equipment. The nonprofit has hired experts to ensure the project’s ongoing success in terms of sustainability and infrastructure.

The 10,000-liter water well is estimated to provide hydration for over 1,000 villagers near the area, as well as 300 schoolchildren and a large number of animals. The water quality will be tested by qualified technicians. In total, the project is expected to take around a week of labor by approximately a dozen employees and volunteers.

“The difficulty of finding clean drinking water in Kenya is a challenge to individual wellness and public health,” says Robert Shumake. “Children and infants may go days without water, which poses particular health problems for them, as well as for pregnant women and elderly citizens. We at the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation wanted to help solve to solve this major problem as soon as we learned about it. We matched individual donations and will provide all the necessary time, labor, and equipment to complete the task. Our hope is that the project will greatly improve villagers’ and students’ health, happiness, and quality of life. If successful, we will helm similar projects in the future.”

Robert Shumake leads the L3C enterprise Shumake Global Partners, which deals with infrastructural projects, real estate, technology, education, and healthcare. Through the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, Robert Shumake has a long history of contributing to international projects, such as launching the Shumake Legacy Academy for HIV-positive orphans in Ethiopia. He also contributes to local projects, such as the Robert Shumake Scholarship Relays, which provides educational funding for college students headed to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).