Business Professional, Jay Bansal’s Advice for Successful Business Growth

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Jay Bansal Successful Business Growth Jay Bansal Successful Business Growth

Jay Bansal’s dedication to education and success led him to graduate second in his high school class out of 450 students.

Jay Bansal

Growing up in Arizona, Jay Bansal was the son of a devoted pediatrician.  From there, Mr. Bansal’s drive only grew as he graduated from Berkeley with a high GPA and then led a long, successful career as an attorney.  Currently, his legal and business expertise are propelling his endeavors forward as a serial entrepreneur. 


Former attorney and entrepreneur, Jay Bansal found his passion for the corporate world many years ago with his interest in startup companies and small business ventures. This appeal led him to own several gas stations and convenience stores, start-up several medical software service companies, and invest in vast real estate and financial opportunities over the past fifteen years. 


Jay Bansal often uses his legal expertise to launch companies forward and ethically consider guidelines and protocols. Jay Bansal is realistic and understands that not all investments are going to be profitable immediately, but he also knows that if a company can prove profitability and growth over a reasonable period of time, and if it is something that he is enthusiastic about, then it is probably a wise investment.


Jay Bansal also knows the importance of being open-minded. Many businesses are stymied before given a chance, but with Jay, he works diligently on the ground floor to see his investments through to the end. He’s always personally involved in the daily operations and management depending on his specific role in the company’s future. Small businesses can be very lucrative if you know how to grow the organization. 


Jay Bansal learned hard work and dedication from an early age, so his ardent ambition is ingrained in his personality, and he always sees projects through to make sure things are lining up with market analysis, trends, and goals. Reinventing yourself at any age is challenging, but the reward far outweighs the risk. 


Jay Bansal grew up in the Phoenix area and is proud to give back to his state and local communities. He’s been extraordinarily active in community organizations and donates to worthy causes that he can stand behind and support with honor. Jay has been married to Rajani Bansal for 25 years, and together, they are grateful to be able to take part in entrepreneurial partnerships as well as in supporting and promoting roles for their communities.