California Native Neva Holladay Names Best Beaches in Humboldt County

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Neva Holladay Neva Holladay

Humboldt County is situated in Northern California and is known for its redwood forests and more than 100 miles of coastline available to locals and tourists. Here, native Neva Holladay names some of the best beaches in the county, which attract visitors from around the world today. 

Neva Holladay has lived in California for years, choosing to spend much of her free time exploring the wilds and scenic landscapes of her native state. She’s an avid beachgoer and has toured many of the shores in the 110 miles of coastline in Humboldt County. Below, she names a few of her personal favorites and tells readers why they make it onto her list. 

“The beach scene in California is world-famous, and we have some of the most beautiful shores on the planet,” says Neva Holladay. “While all the beaches in Humboldt County have their own unique character––and are worth the visit––here are three of my absolute favorites. 

Trinidad State Beach

“There are plenty of sandy shores to lounge on during the day, but my favorite time to visit Trinidad State Beach is during low tide when the water recedes and leaves a bunch of tide pools to explore,” says Neva Holladay. 

The tide pools, she says, are teeming with microscopic sea life in addition to shellfish and tiny ocean critters caught in the mini bodies of water. The beach is part of the California Coastal National Monument Gateway, serving as one of the most iconic landmarks of the area. Just off shore are plenty of rocky formations that make a great backdrop to the perfect day in the sun. 

Agate Beach

“On Agate Beach, travelers from all over find a variety of objects returned from the sea that make for excellent collector’s pieces,” says Neva Holladay. “There’s a bunch of sea debris that gets washed up on shore, such as shells, rocks and driftwood, but the biggest appeal is the appearance of agates, as the name suggests.”

Agates are semi-precious stones ranging in a wide variety of shapes and color. The beach was appropriately named for the abundance of agate that wash up there, but many of other semi-precious stones can be found along the shore. Moonstone and jade can also wash up on occasion, making the beach an ideal destination for artifact collectors. 

Clam Beach County Park

“For visitors looking to camp out on the beach, there are few others in the entire county that offer the relaxed rules and atmosphere of Clam Beach County Park,” says Neva Holladay. “Guests are free to set up camp right in the sand to make a full day or overnight stay out of their excursion.” 

Clam Beach County Park features large stretches of flat shoreline that make ideal plots for setting up tents and camping equipment. And not far off is McKinleyville where visitors can purchase any of their camping supplies.

“There are plenty of other fantastic shores to explore in Humboldt County, but these three have always been among my most favorite for the unique perks they each offer beachgoers,” says Neva Holladay.