Casey Diskin Encourages Novel Therapies for Children with Disabilities

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Casey Diskin Casey Diskin

After earning degrees from both Wayne State University and Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, Casey Diskin has worked tirelessly on new solutions for children with disabilities and their families; she’s gained a lot of recognition for her novel approaches and therapies, which include behavior therapy that focuses on socially significant skills

Casey Diskin has proven her dedication to improving the lives of children with disabilities and their families, having created many resources for each during her career. She employs a variety of state-of-the-art therapies that help children grow and hosts several group therapy sessions that build camaraderie among families in her community.

She has developed a truly unique, multi-faceted approach to care that has gained a lot of attention in the medical field for its impactful results. Through her therapies, she helps children with disabilities, especially those suffering from autism, gradually grow beyond their circumstances and improve behavior and cognition.

Today, she serves in a director’s position at a Michigan-based recovery center where she oversees an autism recovery program utilizing applied behavior analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a recent breakthrough for the condition.

“Our unique approach to autism has been a huge success with families across the state,” says Casey Diskin. “We hear stories all the time of happier parents, children who have developed

new friendships, siblings playing together more, children performing better in school, and more successfully integrating into their communities.”

Casey Diskin lends much of her success to her focus on functional life skills through naturalistic teaching. She attributes this approach to therapy to the training she received while studying at Macquarie University. In addition, she is one of the pioneers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat conditions like autism.

“When I started, I wasn’t even sure I knew what hyperbaric oxygen therapy was. Now I see it and how it works to help children with autism,” says Casey Diskin. “Our team is pretty amazing.

While recovery looks different for every client, it does mean that everyone is improving in their individual skills, health, and quality of life. This is what our synergy program does for its clients

and their families. I want us to do even more for a bigger population. We see so many older kids and young adults come to us. They need our services too,” she concluded.

Once patients with neurological conditions began seeing the great results Casey Diskin could accomplish through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, parents with children on the autism spectrum

began asking her to perform the same therapy for their kids.

“Medically, there is evidence that individuals with autism have inflammation in the brain,” says Casey Diskin. “HBOT medically addresses the issue by reducing the inflammation. Our novel program is a multi-therapy approach to treating autism. We believe in creating a synergistic approach that allows us to treat the medical issues of our clients while simultaneously teaching functional socially significant life skills.”