Casey Diskin Explains the Usefulness of Hyperbarics in Treating Autism

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Casey Diskin Casey Diskin

Casey Diskin has served a number of professional roles since earning her degree, focusing on researching and uncovering life-long solutions for children with disabilities. She has developed novel approaches to care in her career that combine elements like behavior therapy with hyperbaric therapy to achieve optimal results. 


During her education at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, Casey Diskin pursued a unique program focusing on functional life skills through naturalistic teaching. This unique approach fueled Diskin’s drive to provide real solutions to children with disabilities, particularly those with autism. 


Casey Diskin believes that autism is recoverable, as it’s diagnosed on a set of deficits such as social and emotional functionality. She feels that all practitioners should seek to increase those deficits until they no longer meet the criteria for an autism diagnosis, and accomplishes this in her own career by relying on a multi-faceted approach to treatment. 


Apart from behavior therapy, Casey Diskin supports hyperbaric oxygen therapy to achieve results, which is a growing practice in treating children with autism. In this type of therapy, 100% oxygen––after the air pressure is increased —is pumped into a pressurized chamber . During therapy, patients’ lungs gather more oxygen then they normally would, which will kill pathogens or bacteria present in the body. 


The body’s tissues require a satisfactory supply of oxygen to function optimally. During any injury, tissue is damaged and requires a higher amount of oxygen to heal correctly. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy essentially amps up the amount of oxygen blood can carry, which restores normal levels of blood gases and improves tissue healing and function. 


It is a well established principle that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can alleviate issues at the core of the autism diagnosis, essentially reducing swelling in the brain and healing it to allow children to live more productive lives. 


One parent claims to have seen dramatic results after a single treatment. She reports that her daughter was able to kneel, hold a ball, and begin to speak following one hyperbaric oxygen treatment, all of which she was unable to do only the day before. Seeing such an impact with her child, the parent continued opting in for hyperbaric treatment and after a week claimed her daughter no longer needed occupational or speech therapy.


“When we don’t feel well, it is harder to learn. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy heals the body so that the client can develop new skills more quickly  and easily” says Casey Diskin.