Casey Diskin Named Director of Autism Recovery Thru Synergy (ARTS) Program at ORC

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Casey Diskin Casey Diskin

Casey Diskin has worked with children with disabilities for years, especially helping children with autism find personal growth and success in individualized learning. Recognized for her outstanding leadership, Diskin was named the Director of the Autism Recovery Thru Synergy (ARTS) program, which upholds a unique, multi-faceted therapy approach.

Since completing her undergraduate degree at Wayne State University in 2004, Casey Diskin has worked with many children suffering from a variety of disabilities, but has developed a focus in children with autism. After graduating from Wayne State, Diskin continued her master’s program at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, helping launch a career geared towards providing every child with disabilities the opportunity to succeed and grow.

Casey Diskin attributes her unique approach, which focuses on functional life skills through naturalistic teaching, to the training she received while studying at Macquarie University. After studying in Australia, she returned to the United States in 2013 where she met and married her husband, and she gave birth to her first son just last year. She’s lent her education and talent to the Oxford Recovery Center most recently, helping launch its Autism Recovery Thru Synergy in April of last year.

“Our unique approach to autism has been a huge success with families across the state,” says Casey Diskin. “We hear stories all the time of happier parents, children who have developed new friendships, siblings playing together more, children performing better in school, and more successfully integrating into their communities.”

“When she joined our team a year ago, we could tell like us, she had a different vision for children; one that saw them overcoming their challenges and becoming more involved in their communities,” said a representative from the Oxford Recovery Center. “We knew she was the perfect fit for the ORC team. Joined with her colleagues, the team worked together child by child to develop a program that would impact them most.”

Casey Diskin has been referred to by her peers as a natural leader and a visionary. She helped develop unique processes at ORC that ensure each child receives the appropriate services to achieve the best possible outcomes. At the facility, she created specialized programs that have already been implemented and new programs that are soon to be launched there as well.

“When I started, I wasn’t even sure I knew what Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was. Now I see it and how it works to help children with autism,” says Casey Diskin. “Our ARTS team is pretty amazing. While recovery looks different for every client, it does mean that everyone is improving in their individual skills, health, and quality of life. This is what ARTS does for its clients and their families. I want us to do even more for a bigger population. We see so many older kids and young adults come to us. They need our services too,” she continued.

Casey assumed the director’s role overseeing ORC’s Autism Recovery Thru Synergy program in February this year.