CEO Bryan White Manages Dallas County Management Company Catering to Local Medical Facilities

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Mercury Healthcare Management, managed by CEO Bryan White, is a personnel management company for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants providing care for nursing home patients in Texas. White oversees production, which is a tremendous resource to the medical professionals in Dallas, Tarrant, Ellis and Hood counties as well as the patients they take care of.

Medical professional Bryan White serves a number of key management roles in healthcare facilities across the state of Texas. In these roles, he ensures each practice operates at its highest caliber and delivers many modern solutions to obstacles at healthcare units like nursing homes and care centers. Today, he serves as the manager for Mercury Healthcare Management, which oversees more than 800 nursing home and skilled nursing patients in Texas.

Bryan White has taken on the management role in addition to his position as CEO so he can ensure all the facilities under his guidance strive to set the bar for medical practices everywhere. His work helps patients receive optimal care long-term and assists teams in the healthcare industry achieve greater success in their fields.

One of the central focuses of Bryan White’s career is to make certain that the patients in his community and in his state have access to top-notch medical care run by the best professionals available in the field. In the past, he has served as a Senior Consultant with Dignity Hospice, a Medical Director at Ennis Care Center, and worked as a practicing internist in Dallas. In addition, he’s a Diplomate of the Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and a graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine.

Since earning his degree in 1992 he’s achieved a reputation for excellence and has been awarded many distinctions for his contributions to medicine including a subspecialty board certification by the ABIM in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. In recent years, Bryan White has focused on geriatrics and hospice care where he ensures facilities run properly and enacts safer protocols that protect the lives of elderly patients.

Streamlining care at medical locations across the state of Texas, Bryan White sees to it that his peers are equipped to meet the diverse and growing needs of patients in Dallas, Tarrant, Ellis and Hood counties. His help upholds and improves upon a certain level of quality that patients in Texas have come to expect from their medical care providers.

Serving as the manager for Mercury Healthcare Management is only one of his most recent efforts to improve medical care on a large scale. In the past, White also instituted a dosage reduction protocol for antidepressant administration for patients in nursing homes and presented a dosage reduction protocol for antipsychotic medications in dementia patients to the Texas Medical Foundation open forum.