CEO, Jeff Nock Explains How Startup Companies Can Build a Team

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Jeff Nock How Startup Companies Can Build a Team Jeff Nock How Startup Companies Can Build a Team

Prescient Consulting’s CEO and Founder, Jeff Nock, understands the importance of having the right people on the team when launching a startup. For years, Jeff Nock has helped startup, early-stage, and mid-cap companies grow and reach their goals through strategic business planning, business model ideation, and development. He details the best practices for building a successful startup team.


Step #1-but identify Gaps in Skillsets

All founders are people and all people have weaknesses. Smart founders are humble and realize their weaknesses and add people to their team that have those weaknesses as strengths. For example, some founders are very creative and innovative but not always organized. It is important for a founder like this to have someone on the team to help with project management and operational organization.


Step #2-Look for Cultural Fit Not Just Skillset Need

Traditional team building and interviewing has changed over the years. Instead of looking just to add specific skillsets to the team it has become imperative to also look for a good cultural fit when adding team members. Startup teams work endless hours together. Does the potential team member share the same values as the founder? Does the potential team member buy into the company vision?


Step #3-Look for Flexible, Adaptive People

Working for a startup is very different than working for a larger organization. The daily needs of a startup can change by the minute. People who work for a startup have to be much more flexible than most people are comfortable being. Instead of knowing what you will be doing every day, you have to expect to adjust what you are doing constantly to adapt to the ever-changing needs of a nimble startup.


Step #4-Build a Team with Diversity of Thought

While it is important to add team members who share the same values and fit well with the startup culture, it is important not to hire people who all think like the founder. Diversity of thought is important to ensure that the many perspectives of people are considered when growing the company. This will enable the founder to gain insight well beyond her or his own way of thinking.


Step #5-Leverage Mentors, Advisory Board When Building Your Team

It is crucial for all startup founders to have an advisory board of trusted advisors or multiple experienced mentors. These already successful business people enjoy giving back by helping new startups. They have extensive networks and can make recommendations for people to join the team.

Jeff Nock, a seasoned business consultant, has comprehensive experience that involves helping companies achieve their vision, as well as implement clear objectives to obtain and exceed goals and overall success. Jeff Nock is passionate about helping startup and early-stage companies achieve their dreams.