Chad Tackett of Committed 100 Discusses How Drinking Water Helps in Weight Loss

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Our bodies are made of more than 60% water, says Chad Tackett of Committed 100, so it’s not surprising that drinking water is one of the most beneficial things you can do to stay healthy. Keeping your body well hydrated is also one of the primary ingredients of a successful weight loss program. Here, Chad Tackett of Committed 100 explains why plenty of water is critical to your success when dieting.

Water is essential to our health but even more so when dieting, Chat Tackett of Committed 100 says. Water is one of the fundamentals of life and helps to boost our metabolic rate. “It’s like a free ticket to an increased metabolism,” Chat Tackett of Committed 100 adds. In fact, a study from the government website PubMed shows* drinking 500 mL of water increases metabolic rate by up to 30%. “Part of what increases your metabolism is your body warming the water,” Chat Tackett of Committed 100 says. It’s the effect of your body using calories for that simple process.

Water also increases your satiety rate, by helping your feel fuller sooner. Drinking a glass of water, a half hour before meals reduces your caloric intake, explains Chat Tackett of Committed 100. This results in a gradual weight loss. Many studies* have been done which have proven this to be true, he explains.

Also, when we diet, there are extra waste products going into our bloodstream, says Chad Tackett of Committed 100. Drinking water on a regular basis, even when you’re not thirsty, helps flush these out by making it easier on your kidneys to do its job, he adds.

Then there’s the health benefits of drinking water whether you’re dieting or not, Chad says. Water affects our energy levels, affects our brain function, relieves constipation, and even aids in cognitive function, he says.

But how much water do we really need to drink? Chad Tackett says first, multiply your weight by 50% and add an extra 4 ounces for every 10 minutes you exercise. For example, if you weigh 200 lbs, you’d have 100 ounces of water … and if you exercise for 20 minutes, that’s an additional 8 ounces, for a total of 108 ounces. “I know this sounds like a lot, he adds, “but it’s something you can work up to. Start with 70 ounces, then next week you can shoot for 80 ounces, and so on.”

Chad says there’s also a strategy he teaches to help you reach your water intake goal, called the “Rubber Bank Trick.” First, grab a large water bottle and fill it with ice water. Next, put 3 to 5 rubber bands around your wrist. For example, if your goal water intake is 100 ounces and you have a 20-ounce water bottle, put 5 rubber bands around your wrist (as a reminder to drink water). Each time you finish one water bottle, take one of the rubber bands from your wrist and put it around the water bottle. The goal for the day is move the rubber bands from your wrist to the water bottle.

The key is just to keep drinking to stay hydrated at all times, Chad Tackett of Committed 100 says. “The body is a complicated mechanical and neurological machine that we’re still learning about. The effects of staying hydrated go well beyond simply quenching a thirst.”

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