Chad Tackett Says It Is Not Your Thyroid That Is Preventing You From Losing Weight

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Chad Tackett Says It Is Not Your Thyroid That Is Preventing You From Losing Weight Chad Tackett Says It Is Not Your Thyroid That Is Preventing You From Losing Weight

Most people who have a thyroid disorder and want to lose weight feel defeated before they start. Before eating right or starting a program, they think their body is working against them.

Committed 100’s founder, Chad Tackett, is an online weight loss program pioneer. He created the world’s very first online weight loss program almost 25 years ago.

Chad Tackett is highly knowledgeable about the process of losing weight. 

He says, “Typically, your thyroid has little to do with losing weight.”

People taking thyroid medication who have struggled with weight loss might disagree. Chad Tackett is ready to change your mind.

First, let’s learn a bit more about who Chad Tackett is and what his accomplishments are.

Chad Tackett is a graduate of Oregon State University. He earned a degree in exercise science and nutrition. For those who do not already know, Chad is responsible for many success stories. He has helped people in more than one hundred countries around the world lose weight. 

Women and men of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds flock to him. They know Chad Tackett can help them shed the pounds.

Chad helps people get to their ideal weight and improve their health. He does not ask you to do any of the typical diet stuff. That’s right: you do not have to stop eating your favorite foods or suffer through another boring workout. 

Chad Tackett is laser-focused on helping clients look and feel their best. He is also adamant that your thyroid has nothing to do with the process.

“It may be hard to accept, but it is not your thyroid that is the problem. It does not affect or stop you from losing weight. Instead, it is your metabolism,” says Chad Tackett.

After years of taking the wrong approach with extreme dieting and workouts, your metabolism is working AGAINST you.

The goal is to focus less on what you think your thyroid does or does not do. Put your time and energy towards getting your metabolism to work for you.

Chad Tackett says, “Your metabolism is the most critical piece of the weight loss puzzle. Not calories. Not carbs. Not exercise. And definitely not your thyroid.”

He states, “Trying to lose weight when your metabolism is “broken” is like trying to fix a leak with a bucket. It’s only a temporary fix. It doesn’t work in the long-term because it doesn’t address the root problem. You need to learn how to condition your metabolism to burn fat twenty-four-seven.”

What if you stopped limiting your calories and taking diet supplements, and tried a different approach? 

This time, choose to condition your metabolism to burn fat around the clock, instead.

Chad Tackett is someone who can help get you to where you want to be on your weight loss journey.

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