Charles X Gormally Leads Law Firm Cannabis Group Growth at Brach Eichler

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Charles X Gormally Cannabis Group Growth Charles X Gormally Cannabis Group Growth

Cannabis Law Practice, Led by Attorney Charles X Gormally, Thrives in New Jersey

Charles X GormallyAttorney Charles X Gormally is leading the cannabis group at Brach Eichler in New Jersey, bringing a wealth of knowledge in the field. Along with John Fanburg, Charles X Gormally is the co-chair of the law firm’s cannabis law group. Other members include Riza I. Dagli, Carol Grelecki, Allen J. Popowitz, Susan R. Rubright, Frances B. Stella, and Matthew M. Collins. This team has experience in health law, real estate, land use, corporate transactions, labor and employment and more.

As a growing number of states legalize and regulate the cannabis marketplace, Charles X Gormally said the law firm felt it was crucial to specialize in this field. The cannabis business development presents challenges and opportunities for state and local governments, banking, taxation, real estate, land use regulation, health care, medical testing, food production, farming, packaging, and tourism.

“Many people do not immediately recognize how many areas are impacted by the legalization of cannabis,” Charles X Gormally said. “It has ramifications for many people and our law firm is poised to help with the transition.”

New Jersey is getting closer to a regulated, adult-use cannabis market and the cannabis group at Brach Eichler is prepared for it. “Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to navigate complicated and highly regulated marketplaces while providing practical and informed guidance to entrepreneurs participating in this business,” Charles X Gormally said.

Charles X Gormally said the law group offers a wide variety of services to clients, including representing their desired outcomes for their participation in the cannabis industry, providing insight and advice for legal and regulatory complexities that arise, giving clients an advantage through access to a coordinated team of subject matter experts, and identifying new windows of opportunity within the cannabis marketplace.

Charles X Gormally’s 40-year legal career has been centered on confronting and overcoming challenges to clients caused by government regulation, overreaching employers, business partners and a myriad of negligent parties. He said he is proud to have been instrumental in forming the law firm’s cannabis practice group to counsel clients in positioning themselves to take advantage of the opportunity and participate in the new multi-billion dollar industry.

The law firm offers a series of videos on cannabis practice, including “Employment Law Concerns as New Jersey Legislates Cannabis Use” and “A Primer on NJ’s Business Landscape for Out-of-State Marijuana Businesses.” These free resources can be found at

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