Chef Jorge Plaza Marquez Elaborates on the Many Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet

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Jorge Plaza Marquez Many Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet Jorge Plaza Marquez Many Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet

Jorge Plaza Marquez is an amateur chef who has dedicated his talents to creating delicious and nutritious recipes in a bid to exemplify healthy living. Through his many trips to local and foreign markets, he has developed recipes using exotic spices, plants and herbs to cater to specific dietary needs. To him, a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. Not only are Jorge’s recipes chock full of nutrients, they also pack a very flavorful punch!

Today, Jorge Plaza Marquez talks about the benefits of following a paleo lifestyle. This is a meal plan that mimics foods eaten during the Paleolithic era which dates back 10,000 years.

Jorge Marquez expounds, “The goal of a paleo diet is to return to our roots. The human body is genetically at odds with contemporary foods that have primarily emerged from farming practices. These pushed grains, dairy and legumes as staples in our diets.” He continues, “By altering our food intake, we’ve outpaced the body’s ability to keep up. Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are the byproducts of this alteration.”

The chef reveals that the bedrock of a paleo diet is unprocessed food. This means you will be consuming low-carb foods that do not adversely impact blood sugar levels.

What does the chef recommend in place of highly processed foods? Nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish! Jorge Plaza Marquez backs this up quite simply. “You see, by incorporating these foods into your diet, you are tapping into a wealth of benefits; weight loss, enhanced glucose tolerance, controlled blood pressure – you name it!”

The health aficionado makes an excellent point. A study in 2014 showed that obese postmenopausal women exhibited positive change in their fat mass, abdominal obesity and triglyceride levels while following a paleo diet. In 2016, a follow-up study showed that a randomized group of women following a paleo lifestyle experienced greater levels of weight loss as opposed to women who followed a typical low-fat diet.

In fact, this particular food group, being low in carbohydrates, places lower demands on the pancreas to generate insulin. By decreasing insulin secretions, the effectiveness of insulin is consequently improved. Moreover, doctors have found that eating meals low in GI (Glycemic Index) offsets the fatigue and loss of energy that most people who follow regular diets experience midway through the day.

Jorge fully acknowledges that not one diet is suitable for all constitutions across the board, which is why he encourages people to take the paleo diet with, pun intended, a grain of salt. The chef recommends, as with anything new, start your shift to paleo gradually and let your body get acclimatized to the new food plan.

Jorque Plaza Marquez is a strong supporter of nutrient-rich diets that aren’t simply passing fads but, rather, provide sustainable benefits to lead a healthy life. He develops recipes that help people of all ages and constitutions combat heart disease, high blood sugar and weight gain.

Jorge Plaza Marquez speaks from experience as the chef himself has battled weight and health concerns, ultimately vowing to change his lifestyle for the better. He continues to help other people combat their health issues by empowering them with sustainable recipes and nutritious diet plans.