Chiropractor Scott Zack Explains how to Choose the Perfect Pillow

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Scott Zack Scott Zack

Dr. Scott Zack, a popular chiropractor from Michigan, explains how to choose the right pillow for a perfect night’s sleep

A popular chiropractor from the Detroit metropolitan area of Michigan, Dr. Scott Zack is often asked how to choose the best pillow for a good, healthy night’s sleep as a professional centered on spinal health and the body’s musculoskeletal system. From firmness and the optimum number of pillows to use, to considering a custom-made or unconventionally shaped option, Dr. Zack weighs in on how to select the perfect pillow.

“For starters, thickness and firmness are both very important,” explains Dr. Scott Zack. Too soft, he says, and support will be lacking. Too firm, however, and a pillow can be equally problematic, according to the Michigan-based chiropractor.

“As such, it’s important to choose a pillow which suits you personally and provides the correct amount of support for your sleeping style,” suggests the expert.

To do so, Dr. Scott Zack advises finding a pillow which provides both comfort and support. “Aim for your head to be around three inches above the top of your spine in your preferred sleeping position,” he adds.

Next, Dr. Zack moves on to the optimum number of pillows to use. “Often, I’m asked, ‘How many pillows should I sleep with?'” reveals the chiropractor.

It’s an important question, he says, as too many or too few pillows can lead to spine misalignment which, in turn, can cause pain and other problems. “Controversially for many, the correct number of pillows to sleep with is often just one,” remarks Dr. Scott Zack.

When considering the above, and in seeking to position your head only around three inches above the top of your spine, one pillow is usually adequate, according to the expert. “Two or more and you risk compromising the natural curve of your spine, causing tension in your neck, and potentially leading to problems in the future,” adds Dr. Scott Zack.

Where an individual is struggling to find the correct pillow in the sea of off-the-shelf products on offer at Target, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, West Elm, and elsewhere, Dr. Zack also suggests considering a more specialist chiropractic or custom-made pillow.

Custom-made pillows, he says, are available to order online from around $80.

“You may also want to consider an off-the-shelf V-shaped pillow, for example, which will reinforce the natural curve of your spine to hopefully promote a healthier and more restful night’s sleep,” adds Michigan-based chiropractor Dr. Scott Zack, wrapping up.