Chris Dallmann With Extreme Tactical Dynamics Discusses the History of Police Vehicles

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Extreme Tactical Dynamics History of Police Vehicles Extreme Tactical Dynamics History of Police Vehicles
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Police Cars are a large part of our culture, from movies to real life and most people have no idea where they originated. Chris Dallmann and the team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics explain the history of the most iconic vehicles in the world.

For over a decade Chris Dallmann and the team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics have supported Police Officers and First Responders with the latest LED gear and innovations in the industry.

“Most people see these officers and their vehicles on a daily basis and have no idea where they originated,” explained Chris Dallmann. “The police car has quite an amazing history behind it.”

Although a failed powered paddy wagon showed up in 1899, the first automobile used for official police work came to life thanks to Detroit’s Police Commissioner Frank Croul in 1909 over 100 years ago. With the rise of automobiles and technology and having known about the failed powered paddy wagon, Commissioner Croul dreamed of a world where a car could be used to save lives and help eliminate crime in his city and he paid for the first one on his own after the city turned down his request.

Commissioner Croul was right, and the city eventually refunded him his initial investment and gave the city 6 more police cars to use full time.

Although an incredible feat, these cars had their limitations since officers had to wait at the police station to get a call for help. Because of this hurdle, the city designed kiosks around the city where people could report crime and in 1921 a breakthrough happened. Kenneth Cox, a dedicated patrolman in Detroit teamed up with Robert Batts to create the first-ever one-way, police radio system in Detroit, Michigan. After many years of perfecting this amazing radio, the city of Detroit was the very first police station to install them in patrol cars in April 1928, and a few years later, engineers in New Jersey created the first two-way radio used for police cars in 1933.

“The team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics are always blown away at the humble beginnings of police vehicles,” explained Chris Dallmann. “There were so many incredibly brave police officers that were involved in all of the technological innovations to create police cars.”

Police cars have come a very long way since 1899, and Chris Dallmann and the team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics are proud to service the brave men and women who serve our country with the latest LED lighting to help them protect us and keep our officers safe.

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