Chris Dallmann with Extreme Tactical Dynamics Explains the Benefits of Emergency LED Dash Lights

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Many people do not know the benefits of Emergency LED dash lighting. Chris Dallmann explains the purpose and benefits of LED lighting.

For nearly 15 years, Chris Dallmann and his team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics have helped thousands of first responders, volunteers, construction teams and many others purchase affordable and well-made emergency lights that have helped save countless lives. Many people still do not know just how beneficial they are for emergency workers around the country.

Emergency vehicle lighting or LED lights are typically visual aids used as a warning and fitted to the vehicle for use in extreme circumstances. In the case of law enforcement, these lights are used to indicate a hazard, offer an additional warning for travelers, or to indicate that it’s time to pull over to the side of the road. Coming in many different forms such as dedicated emergency lights in the form of a beacon or light bar, or even modified options, they are often used in conjunction with a siren in order to increase their effectiveness.

In some cities based on the jurisdiction, these lights give emergency crews specific legal backing and often require motorists to behave in accordance with these laws like yielding to police offers and many other laws. Laws vary widely depending on the city and jurisdiction you are in and often extend to non-emergency vehicles like construction workers and their vehicles as well as school buses and semi-emergency vehicles like tow trucks as well.

Chris Dallmann and the team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics can work with any group to help them get the best possible LED lighting for their vehicles.

There can be many benefits to using LED lighting, and emergency LED dash lights are advantageous for full-time and volunteer first responders for a number of reasons. One main reason is just how flexible and versatile these lights are. They can come on and off cars and can be fitted to a new vehicle in a matter of seconds, and even though they are designed for the dash, they can be replaced and added to various parts of a vehicle to add brightness and increase awareness as well. Another great benefit of these lights are the countless lives that have been saved by preventing accidents, increasing awareness about road hazards, and even helping first responders slow down traffic while they rushed to the scene of an accident.

There are numerous reasons that LED lights help keep us safe while on the road and help keep our first responders protected while they are serving us around the clock.

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