Chris Endfinger, MD Explores Honduras Mission Trip Opportunities

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Chris Endfinger MD Chris Endfinger MD

Emergency room physician and missionary Chris Endfinger, MD provides an insight into mission trip opportunities in the Central American Republic of Honduras.

A veteran of the emergency room for more than 20 years and based in Birmingham, Alabama, Chris Endfinger, MD is a long-standing member of CrossBridge Church of Christ, located in nearby Brook Highland, and has completed a number of vital mission trips during his life, including two to Honduras. A dedicated family man and a proud father of two, Dr. Endfinger provides a first-hand insight into mission trip opportunities in the Central American Republic of Honduras, over 2,000 miles from his home in Jefferson County.

“A land of rain forests, savannas, mangroves, and mountain ranges alike, Honduras is a country quite unlike any other,” explains emergency room physician Dr. Endfinger, “and holds all manner of opportunities for those seeking to visit the nation on a missionary basis.”

An incredibly diverse country, Honduras is a popular choice among those seeking to undertake mission work around the world. “I’ve traveled twice to Honduras on mission work,” reveals Dr. Endfinger, a member of CrossBridge Church of Christ based in Brook Highland, not far from the doctor and his family’s home.

Aside from fulfilling spiritual duties, those visiting Honduras—officially the Republic of Honduras—on mission work will often undertake tasks ranging from teaching and otherwise aiding education to helping with construction and building repairs, particularly on schools and medical facilities, according to Dr. Endfinger. “It’s largely about delivering the love of Jesus to some of Honduras’ most remote communities, including, for example, villages high up in the mountains,” he adds.

Organized mission trips typically include in-country food, lodging, and transportation, project materials, and pre-trip orientation, as well as a thorough post-trip debriefing session. International airfare may also be included. “Often not included, however,” says Dr. Endfinger, “are any necessary immunizations, travel medicines, passport and visa expenses, or other personal incidentals.”

Many organized mission trip participants will have the opportunity to fundraise the cost of their journey and stay. “Alternatively, individuals seeking to complete mission work in Honduras, or indeed anywhere else around the world, may self-fund their trip,” Dr. Endfinger points out.

Bordered to the west by Guatemala, and El Salvador to the southwest, Honduras is then bordered by Nicaragua to the southeast. “To the south, of course, is the Pacific Ocean,” Dr. Endfinger adds, “at the Gulf of Fonseca.”

Finally, to the north, the Central American Republic of Honduras is bordered by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet and part of the Caribbean Sea.

“Largely welcoming and hospitable, Honduras is a wonderful place to undertake mission work,” adds Dr. Endfinger, wrapping up, “whether it’s an individual’s first mission trip, or, for those already experienced in mission work, the next step on their path to further the Kingdom of God around the world.”