Chris Endfinger, MD Outlines Crossbridge Church of Christ’s Message and Core Values

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Chris Endfinger MD Chris Endfinger MD

CrossBridge Church of Christ member Chris Endfinger, MD explains the church’s core values, its message, and what it means to be a part of the religious organization’s family.

A skilled emergency room doctor from Birmingham, Alabama, Chris Endfinger, MD is also a dedicated member of the city’s popular CrossBridge Church of Christ. Attending the church weekly with his family, Dr. Endfinger outlines CrossBridge Church of Christ’s message and shares a closer look at its core values.

“CrossBridge Church of Christ is there to glorify Christ and demonstrate a passion for God,” explains Chris Endfinger, MD of the church’s purpose. Its message, the local emergency room physician reveals, is that CrossBridge members are the Body of Christ called to be Jesus in every neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, and beyond.

Seeing Christ through the eyes of their children, in particular, Dr. Endfinger says that CrossBridge Church of Christ’s members are, similarly, and in turn, all God’s children, too. “Touching the lives of those for whom He gave His life,” he adds, “we build bridges to His grace, hope, and love.”

According to Dr. Chris Endfinger, CrossBridge Church of Christ’s core values include those toward God, and those toward each other. “Toward God, the church’s values include exalting Christ in everything we do, renewing our hearts through joyful worship, seeking God through scripture, and being open only to God’s calling,” explains the emergency room doctor. Sustained by the Holy Spirit and relevant Bible teachings, each CrossBridge Church member, he says, places Christ at the center of his or her life.

Core values toward each other, meanwhile, instilled by the church, include building relationships through service and outreach and being involved with, and bringing hope to, today’s families, according to Dr. Endfinger. “Elsewhere, we promise to demonstrate God’s love through love for others, and to grow our relationship with God through prayer,” he adds.

CrossBridge Church of Christ is led by church staff, ministry leaders, small group leaders, and what the religious organization calls shepherds. “Shepherds assist the church’s staff in ministering, and in providing spiritual counsel, pastoral care, and biblical instruction to those who gather at CrossBridge,” Dr. Endfinger explains. They’re called shepherds, he says, because the Bible often described leaders within the community as such.

In short, Chris Endfinger, MD says that CrossBridge Church of Christ’s message is one of love, change, and togetherness. “We seek to love one another in true community; a community formed by Christ,” he adds, wrapping up, “in such a way that our world sees the transformative grace of God extended unto it.”