Chris Endfinger, MD Shares the Importance of Family Life

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Emergency room physician Chris Endfinger, MD provides a personal insight into the importance of family life.


Outside of his work as an emergency room doctor, there’s nothing more important to Chris Endfinger, MD than family life. A proud father of two and married for more than 25 years, Dr. Endfinger shares a personal insight into life for the busy family, based in Birmingham, Alabama.


“Happily married for 27 years, my wonderful wife and I have two fantastic children,” reveals Dr. Endfinger, a University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine graduate and a seasoned emergency room physician with more than two decades of experience in the field.


He and the family, he goes on to explain, care for a small menagerie of pets. “When not taking care of my patients, I love nothing more than spending time with my family and our animals,” explains Dr. Endfinger. “These include,” he continues, “our two much-loved dogs, our cat, and four chickens, as well as a large saltwater aquarium full of colorful, tropical fish species from across the globe.”


Dr. Endfinger and his family are also members of CrossBridge Church of Christ. “We believe that God is calling,” says the Birmingham-based emergency room doctor, “and that the Holy Spirit is empowering us to change our world through Jesus Christ.”


What CrossBridge Church offers, he says, is a place where families can pursue an authentic relationship with Jesus by experiencing a true sense of community with one another.


An avid supporter of a variety of good causes and nonprofit organizations including Christian humanitarian aid charity Compassion International, Dr. Endfinger has also completed numerous missionary trips to Honduras. “I plan to return to Honduras again soon,” adds the emergency room physician and family man.


Since graduating from faith-based liberal arts institution David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1989 and beginning his medical studies at the University of Alabama four years later, Chris Endfinger, MD has acquired decades of experience in medicine. “This includes a number of high-pressure years as an emergency room director,” he reveals.


Turning his focus back to family and CrossBridge Church of Christ, Dr. Endfinger explains how the organization is widely praised for its wonderful personality as a church, dedicated greeting ministry, so-called ‘LifeWalk’ groups, adult education opportunities, and more.


“CrossBridge has a wonderful personality, and while the church may not be the right fit for everyone,” he adds, wrapping up, “it’s perfect for us as a family.”