Chris Muggler Discusses the Healing Power of Prayer

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Chris Muggler Chris Muggler

When you’re facing a hardship, loved ones, friends, and members of your church may offer to keep you in their prayers. While praying for someone else in their time of need is certainly loving and considerate, praying for yourself is also important. Chris David Muggler, a devout Christian and active church member, prays daily to communicate with God and seek His guidance. He also prays for healing, both for himself and for others.

Like many Christians, Chris Muggler has experienced firsthand the healing power of prayer. While Chris David Muggler is now a devout man of God, this wasn’t always the case.

“My personal Christian testimony is not my own. It’s another glimpse of God’s grace being brought to another broken sinner through His Holy Spirit,” he said. “I grew up with interests in Christianity but was swayed away from it. I lived for attention and love but they never seemed to fulfill my desires in totality.”

It is not an unusual story. In the modern world, distractions and temptations abound and it is easy for young people, in particular, to get sidetracked. Fortunately, He is a loving God who embraces all who return to His holy flock.

Chris Muggler attended an outreach meeting and embraced God and His teachings fully for the first time. The young adult made faith a priority, a life-changing decision that has impacted him in numerous positive ways.

Through prayer, Chris Muggler has found strength and wisdom to overcome challenges. The daily act of prayer has also helped him stay focused and grounded in His faith through good days and bad. Since devoting His life to God, Chris Muggler has been happier than ever before.

Chris encourages everyone to partake in the healing power of prayer. Whether it’s praying for a loved one who is sick or praying to help yourself recover, seeking God’s help is always a good choice, he says.

Chris Muggler advises that if you are new to your faith or to prayer, speak to a spiritual advisor for guidance in how to best commune with God. Or, you can try these prayers for healing the sick, or these.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.” Chris Muggler advises to remember no matter how busy you are, any time spent talking to God is time well spent.