Chris Muggler’s Top 3 Picks for Faith-Based Track & Field Camps

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From boosting physical strength to bolstering confidence, self-discipline, and focus, extracurricular activities like track and field are immensely beneficial for young people. Chris Muggler, a lifelong athlete and former high school and college Track and Field participant, credits his involvement in sports, as well as his faith, with helping him succeed in high school, college, and beyond. The UNC graduate is here to discuss three of the best faith-based running camps, which marry Christian philosophy with the sport to give young people a leg up on the competition and life.

Finding a track camp is easy, Chris Muggler said, as there are dozens around the region offered every summer. Many are provided by high schools and are geared toward home team athletes as well as other area students. Chris Muggler participated in both his high school camp and Christian-based camps during his academic career and recommends the following three as some of the nation’s most respected faith-based organizations.

  1. Ryun Running Camp : “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded” – 2 Chronicles 15:7. This scripture quote, which greets readers at the top of the organization’s website, sums up the Jim Ryun Running Camp philosophy: work hard, as God intended for you to do, and you’ll reap the fruits of your labor. “Launched in 1975 by three-time Olympian and five-time World Record holder, Jim Ryun, the Jim Ryun Running Camps are more than just running camps,” Chris Muggler said. ” They teach a way of life, from training young runners in how to achieve their full potential in running to creating good habits for living. A pattern of goal setting is taught to help them exceed even what they thought they could achieve – on and off the track.” This camp is offered in Virginia and Colorado.
  2. Altitude Project: Chris Muggler said this California camp motivates and trains distance runners for exceptional performance on the track and in ministering Christian faith in their team, campus, and communities. Chris Muggler said the Altitude Project “offers seminars, workshops, Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship, and personal devotions, setting a course for a lifetime of faith.”
  3. Fellowship of Christian Athletes: “The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has challenged athletes and coaches to impact the world for Jesus Christ,” Chris Muggler said of this California camp. “Camps are a time of ‘inspiration and perspiration’ for athletes and coaches who want to reach their potential through comprehensive athletic, spiritual and leadership training.”

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Christopher Muggler is a lifelong athlete whose sports career includes achievements such as new recruit for High Point University Track and Field, transfer recruit for UNC Charlotte Track and Field, and state selection in high school track. Chris Muggler attended the Jim Ryun Running camp for two summers. On the track and on the sidelines, he has witnessed first-hand the numerous benefits of sports on the mind and body. Today, Christopher Muggler seeks to inspire others to seek and gain the benefits of health, faith, and sportsmanship.