Christian Values in Business, Jeff Nock Explains How They Can Help Any Organization

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Christian Values in Business Christian Values in Business
Jeff Nock

IOWA CITY, IOWA— In today’s polarized world, it is often challenging to share one’s beliefs as inevitably those beliefs will inspire some and upset others. Jeff Nock is a Christian and has learned through many years of business leadership that utilization of Christian values can be beneficial to all business leaders regardless of religious belief.

Jeff Nock is an experienced executive, consultant, and leader with a demonstrated history of growing startups, nonprofits and established companies. Skilled in strategic plan development and execution, business plans, leadership development, marketing, Sales, finance and presentation development, Jeff has a strong, well-rounded background with a Master of Science in Management.

No surprise, given the topic of this article, Jeff Nock is a committed Christian blessed with four children and long-standing career as an expert in growing companies. He is motivated to work long hours to see his business thrive as the Bible teaches to utilize the gifts people are given to help others. He also understands that he has been given an awesome responsibility of being a parent and utilizes time management skills to ensure he is there for his children when they need him and is the best possible leader for his family.

Jeff Nock asks shouldn’t the following biblical values be at the core of all company cultures?

Love – Do I demonstrate true compassion for my fellow workers, customers, clients, and partners?
Joy – Do I maintain the attitude that regardless of the current circumstances, everything will work out in the end?
Peace – Do I calmly go about my work- or do I “rant and rave” or “get upset” when things don’t go smoothly?
Patience – Do I maintain an attitude of “allowing people to grow” or do I demand they “have it all together” right now?
Kindness – Do I genuinely treat others with dignity and respect?
Goodness – Do I really have the best interest of others in mind when I talk and work with them?
Faithfulness – Do I speak the same of others when I am not with them, as when I am? Do I put in an honest day’s work?
Self-Control – Do I maintain the discipline to do my job with excellence? Am I pro-active or do I act re-actively? Do I take personal responsibility – or do I blame others or allow myself to be a “victim”?

Jeff explains, “In the end, whatever your religious beliefs, these values will enable you to be an empowering leader who is respected by your team. This doesn’t mean that difficult decisions should be avoided but it does mean those decisions should be made within the filter of these values. The leader of the organization is responsible for the culture of the organization. Whether you are Christian or not, you have a responsibility to set the example by living your own values in your daily work.”

Jeff Nock is CEO & Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, which is a management consulting business that helps funded early stage and mid cap companies achieve their vision and growth goals by offering services that include C-Level mentoring, strategic planning, business planning, business model ideation/evolution, market analysis, financial analysis, competitive niche analysis, business development, operational efficiencies, and brand evolution.