Christopher Muggler Suggests the 4 Best Gifts for Runners this Holiday Season

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The best part of the holiday season is giving gifts to loved ones and friends. If you have runners or track and field enthusiasts in your circle, consider giving them something that they can use to do what they love. Christopher Muggler, track and field athlete and avid runner, offers his four top picks.

4 Top Gifts for Track & Field Athletes & Runners

  1. GPS Watch: For long-distance runners who prefer to leave the phone at home and tune out the world while on a run, a GPS watch is an excellent gift. GPS watches also do much more than give directions. Certain watches contain a barometric altimeter and heart rate sensor and can measure the runner’s stride, cadence, ground contact time, and bounce. For serious athletes, this is a great way to keep track of performance.
  2. Massage Device: “No pain, no gain,” is many athletes’ mantra. Whether involved in track and field or weightlifting, anyone who’s very active is likely to get cramps, tension, and soreness now and again. A handheld massage device is a great gift as it provides an easy and portable means of relaxing tense, stiff and sore spots. Alternatively, you can purchase a massage package at a local parlor that specifically offers a sports massage.
  3. Socks: Socks may seem more fitting hanging on the mantel rather than under the tree, but for runners, a good pair of socks can make a significant difference. Go for a pair that is moisture-wicking and fitted to ensure they stay in place.
  4. Headphones: Another simple but valuable gift, headphones are great for just about anyone, but particularly athletes who often train solo. Music can help track and field athletes get pumped up before an event and stay motivated while working out. Invest in a quality pair of wireless earbuds that deliver premium sound while allowing background noise such as traffic to be heard for safety. Chris Muggler advises your local sporting goods or running store likely sells headphones specifically designed for athletes.

These are all fantastic gifts for anyone who loves running, from amateur to professional. If you decide to take the dive and purchase any of these suggestions this holiday season, you may find yourself wondering exactly which brand you should be buying. Go all-out for the most expensive, fully-featured gizmo, or settle for a cheaper alternative that may work just as well?

Christopher Muggler suggests seeking out your nearest local running store. The employees there will invariably have greater experience than those working at a big-box retailer and will be able to help you find the perfect match for you or your loved ones. Happy holiday shopping!

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Christopher Muggler is a lifelong athlete whose sports career includes achievements such as new recruit for High Point University Track and Field, transfer recruit for UNC Charlotte Track and Field, and state selection in high school track. Chris Muggler has coached several community teams. On the track and on the sidelines, Christopher Muggler has witnessed first-hand the numerous benefits of sports on the mind and body. Today, Chris Muggler seeks to inspire others to seek and gain the benefits of health, faith, and sportsmanship.