Christopher Muggler’s Tips for Keeping Faith in Trying Times

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Christopher Muggler Christopher Muggler

In a marriage, couples vow to support and love one another in “sickness and in health.” Similarly, having faith in God means believing in Him in good times and bad. Christopher David Muggler, a devout Christian, understands this isn’t always easy. But, Chris Muggler says, having faith in God is ultimately the best way to overcome any challenge, including rejection, loss, or other adversity. Here are his four tips for getting through tough times.

4 Ways to Remain Faithful in Dark Days

Accept Where You Are
First, Christopher Muggler advises accepting where you are. You might not be in the ideal place in life and may feel you’ve been dealt an unfair hand. But resisting will not help you move forward. Accept that this is your starting point and from here God will help you find your way. Make a conscious decision to trust Him completely and follow his lead.

Prayer is essential to communicate with God and seek His guidance, Chris Muggler says. It is also healing. Make time every day to pray. In addition to asking God to help you overcome the challenges you are currently facing, reflect on the blessings He has given you, including the blessing of a new day and a new opportunity. Expressing your trust in God to Him can further solidify your faith.

Be Open
You are never alone with God on your side. But you can also seek help from spiritual advisors and members of your faith community. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are, others have gone through similar situations and have realized God’s plan. Be receptive to the advice they may give. Also, be open to receiving signs from God. What some call “intuition” may be the spirit guiding you, Chris Muggler says. Remember that sometimes the greatest blessings come in unexpected packages.

Trust Him
Above all, Chris Muggler says, it is vital to trust in Him. The Almighty has a plan for every one of His children. While life may not always be blissful, remember that everything happens for a reason and serves a higher purpose.