Cletus Roy Georges, MD Explains Diagnosis & Treatment of Kidney Stones

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Cletus Roy Georges Kidney Stone Treatment Cletus Roy Georges Kidney Stone Treatment

Dr. Cletus Georges, urology physician, explains more about the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the painful condition known as kidney stones.


Cletus Roy Georges, MD.

A small, hard deposit which forms in the kidneys, kidney stones affect more than 200,000 patients in the United States each year. Often incredibly painful to pass, kidney stones can be treated by a medical professional such as specialist physician Dr. Cletus Georges. Here, the experienced and highly-regarded urologist explains more about the diagnosis and treatment of the condition.


“Kidney stones are solid deposits of acid salts and other minerals which stick together and form in patients’ urine,” explains Cletus Roy Georges, MD, a urology specialist based in Orlando, Florida. The most common symptom of kidney stones, he says, is severe pain. “Usually presenting in the side of the abdomen, the pain can become so severe that patients find themselves physically nauseous,” adds the urology doctor.


While often excruciatingly painful, kidney stones do not typically cause any permanent damage. However, confirming cases of the condition usually calls for a formal medical diagnosis, with lab tests or imaging often required, according to Dr. Georges. “Treatment for kidney stones typically includes pain relievers,” he explains, “coupled with drinking adequate fresh water, in order to facilitate the prompt passing of the stone or stones in question.”


Dr. Georges Further Explains

Treatment is usually considered ‘short-term,’ resolving within a matter of days or weeks. “In severe cases, a medical procedure may be necessary to remove or break up large stones which a patient is unable to pass unaided,” adds the urologist.


Other symptoms are known to include pain in the back, blood in the urine, frequent urination, and excess sweating. “If you or a friend or family member suspects that they may be suffering from kidney stones, it’s important that you or they consult a doctor for more in-depth medical advice, and to rule out any other potential conditions,” adds Cletus Roy Georges, wrapping up.


Cletus Roy Georges, MD graduated from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in zoology with a biomedical option in 1987. Georges subsequently attended Weill Cornell University Medical College in New York City, graduating in 1991 and completing his residency in urology at Chicago’s Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center in 1997. Shortly after that, urology physician, Cletus Roy Georges started his practice in Sebring, Florida before relocating to Orlando, where he remains settled today.